Working advertising and retention strategies for casino players

How to stand out from the competition? How to attract players? How to keep them on your website? These and many other questions worry both new and experienced owners of online casinos.

Let’s figure out where to find potential players and how to turn them into regular customers.


Contex ad

Search engines have strict rules governing online casino advertising. For example, it is necessary to have a license for gambling activities in the country where you plan to advertise. Otherwise, instead of traffic it is easier to get a blocked advertising account.

However, there are technologies that allow you to bypass some of these strict restrictions. For example, if you buy ads in search engines, not mentioning directly gambling, the system will miss such ads. Directing visitors from advertising is also better not directly to the casino site, but on the near-thematic sites. Subsequently, with them you will send interested parties to your site.

Restrictions on paid advertising gambling businesses are in social networks. Spending time studying this topic, you can find several working effective schemes.

Tip: Learn from competitors’ marketing decisions in the niche is the most valuable source of knowledge.


Search engines don’t want to advertise casinos in paid places. But they allow gambling in organic distribution. Otherwise, it would have been contrary to the rule of ensuring equal access to information for users. It makes sense to use it for your own purposes.


Start with technical optimization. Check the site for errors. Make an internal re-linking, make a micro-markup, make sure that the pages are indexed. Make the site convenient.

Write interesting articles, shoot videos, record podcasts. About gambling you can tell a lot of interesting things. Especially for fans to read can make a section on the site. Someone interested in winning strategies, others want to read about the history of gambling, the third wants to read reviews and so on.

Get backlinks to your site. They can be bought as well as mined in other ways. Exchange links with other thematic sites, give interviews in the media, announce webinars with useful information.

Social networks

You can create thematic communities on Facebook and Reddit. Do not rely on advertising and promotions, it may violate the rules of social networks. You will show the promotions to visitors and members of your groups later. This is done through remarketing. Simply provide useful information, engage in dialogue, and encourage the sharing of ideas.

A popular direction with good conversion is to create channels with forecasts in Telegram. This messenger is very popular among Internet users and your audience also uses it.

Advertising with bloggers

The big audience today is not only on various sites, but also at bloggers. Bloggers work on Youtube, Instagram, social networks, streaming games on Twitch, writing videos in Tik Tok and so on.

It is not necessary that their blogs were on the topic of gambling. A well-functioning advertisement from a popular blogger will attract a lot of real players.

Affiliate programs

The Internet is full of sites, many of which are related to the topic of gambling. Some of their owners would be happy to earn money from their audience. Contextual advertising of this does not allow, a common solution in such cases is to sell this audience in the casino.

Directly do it is problematic. You can of course experiment with the purchase of advertising. But it is more effective to use the services of partner programs. Aggregators of partner programs buy thematic traffic from webmasters and resell it to casinos. Payment usually goes for the actual transitions or for registration. In some cases, it makes sense to pay only for those registrations in which the visitor has committed activity.

E-mail marketing

Don’t confuse it with spam mailing. Emails are sent only to interested users. Where do they come from? Firstly, from all the above channels. Yes, even with contextual advertising (sending a person to the information site, where he subscribes to the newsletter). In the mailing list you are not limited by the rules of third parties. You can, along with useful information, advertise your casinos, announce promotions and offer bonuses.


The effectiveness of the newsletter will increase with the number of subscribers. Don’t overdo it with advertising, otherwise the outflow of recipients will exceed the influx of new readers.

The newsletter form can also be posted on your casino website. Combine it with content marketing – for a certain part of the audience, it may be easier to receive fresh materials by mail than to read them on the site.

Attracting a player is one thing. Another thing is to make him come back. The more difficult task is to turn him into a regular visitor. To do this, there are various techniques.


A player who has come to play roulette may risk trying to bet on sports or poker. Offer new entertainment and keep an eye on the reactions.


As in any other type of business, everything free causes increased interest. Use this when launching new games. The options are as follows:

  • Free spins or bets, entry and deposit bonuses, referral bonuses;
  • Completely free games (no real payouts);
  • Return of a part of lost funds (cacheback);
  • Bonuses for loyalty, for performing any actions on the site.

This list is not limited to this. Constantly test new approaches and solutions. Pay attention to the shares of competitors – you can also learn a lot of interesting things from them.

The campaign should not work constantly. Even successful solutions can be disabled from time to time, so that even regular players get used to the idea that all the most valuable things are not forever and it is worth taking a chance in time.

Part of the temporary promotions can be tied to real holidays.

Push notifications

Used in browsers and mobile phones. According to statistics, increase the audience retention by more than 100%, that is, twice. Notifications can inform about new promotions and bonuses.


Remember the Pareto rule: 20% of clients bring 80% of the money. Online casinos are no exception, regular customers making large bets are much more valuable than occasional visitors, even if they come in large numbers.

As a rule, you should focus on keeping these 20% and not forgetting to attract new ones. Consider them as two different types of clients and test on them different types of promotions and game content. Often it makes sense to offer newcomers more free games. Constant audience will appreciate the attention and bonuses for loyalty.

A separate group of users: fans of high stakes. Online every day there are more and more of them. They can be found among the “newcomers” scanning the Internet in search of new casinos, and among the “old”, who are gradually imbued with trust in you and ready to take risks on a large scale. If you have something to offer these people, your income will grow very quickly.

Lovers of large bets can be offered special VIP promotions, additional privileges and bonuses, special guarantees for accelerated secure receipt of large sums of money. Give them a personal manager, available for 7 days (and nights) per week. Give them gifts at last! These can be deposits, sporting events tickets or private broadcasts.

As you gain experience, you will be able to form other segments of the players as well. Remember, knowing the audience will definitely lead you to success!

And that’s all?

All these methods of attracting and retaining an audience are not the only ones available. Always brainstorm, analyze the market, competitors and players. Truly creative and effective solutions do not lie on the surface, but they provide the best return on investment.