Details that annoy online casino visitors

In our blog posts, we often talk about the importance of retaining current customers. It is much cheaper and more profitable than attracting new clients. But what exactly can make a person say goodbye to your casino? Often the reason may not be some serious things, such as late payment of winnings, and banal little things.

In this article, we put together some of those little things. They are often referred to as the most annoying reasons that led to the change of casinos.

The lack of an auto game

It would seem that modern slots require nothing from the player – just press a single button. But even this action is boring for many people. Therefore, many machines offer the option to play automatically. The player starts the slot and just looks at the results. At any time, the rotation of the drums can be stopped or put on pause.

The popularity of auto games has increased along with the trend of decreasing deposits required to play. Indeed, why press the button all the time when every such press spends a cent or a fraction of a cent? Even if a player forgets to stop the slot – he will spend, at worst, a couple of dollars.

Problems with localization

Translation of the site interface and localization of games into different languages allows you to quickly enter new markets. Few people use native-speakers from these countries for this purpose. It is much easier and faster to run all texts through an automatic translator. It is also incomparably cheaper.

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With this approach, errors in the interpretation of individual words and whole sentences are inevitable. As a result, the potential audience may get confused in the interface or misunderstand the instructions. Also, such texts will simply confuse them. Such a site will not arouse confidence.

Annoying animation

Animated screensavers are an integral part of the slots. It is generally assumed that players like to look at them. That’s true, but with one condition. It’s interesting to look at the screensaver only the first time. In the second, third, and subsequent times, the player will prefer to skip the screen saver. He must have the opportunity to do it. Otherwise, the player will have much less desire to play on such slots.

Lack of mobile version

Practically nonsense in current realities. As a rule, any site has a mobile version. But there are also nuances. Very often web developers are limited to adapting the desktop version of the site for mobile devices. While the mobile-first approach is much better. Following this paradigm, the development of site design should begin with the mobile version, and this version is subsequently adapted for desktops. Modern frameworks like React and Angular allow you to make such web applications that work equally well on any device.

Unambiguous rules

Players often do not just want to press the buttons on the slot machines and enjoy the rotation of the drum. They want to know the details – with what probability in the slot fall out certain combinations, on what sizes of winnings can be expected depending on the bet, and so on. If they find detailed descriptions of the rules on the site, they will be happy.

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No personalization

One of the new trends in slots is the individual adjustment of the slot appearance and characteristics. The player can choose a skin, sound, adjust the drum speed, and so on. Besides, he can set his limits. This approach helps to unique the user experience and better tie the player to a particular casino.


Often the user’s decision to stay on a particular site or go try their luck elsewhere is influenced by trifles. Well, if these little things at least do not annoy. And these little things can be quite a lot. The quality bar set by large casinos and game providers. And all other market participants should focus on these high standards of quality. It is always worth studying competitors and watch what chips they add to their projects.