Development of african gambling business

Every year, gambling is gaining momentum. Different countries have their own trends. It’s important to pay attention to the most promising markets for gambling and to consider the characteristics of each country separately.

The government especially supports gambling in Africa and Latin America. In this article, we will begin with Africa and the specifics of conducting gambling in countries from the top for GDP. This method of selection is most revealing, because taxes in the gambling business are above average, and tax deductions directly affect the dynamics of GDP growth.

So, the inhabitants of Africa themselves assess the state of the market as extremely favorable for the opening of the gambling business. Even ordinary people who are not related to gambling are able to appreciate this.

Even more positive and more scientific-professional is the report of the National Council for Gambling in South Africa. Analysts estimated that the total income of online gambling three years ago was about28-29 billion dollars, and by 2019 predict an increase in yield to 40 billion. Thus, we can expect that by 2020-2022 Africa’s share in the global gambling industry will grow to 2%.

tab 1

Tab 1 – Indicators of growth of the betting industry

As we see from the diagram, in the online segment, the growth rates of betting and gambling are on the same level as offline, so the data in the article relating to one of them will illustrate the trend of the other.

And now we turn again to statistics, but not for the economy – mfor the population. According to statistics, more than 50% of adults in African countries regularly bet on sports,the average amount of one does not exceed $ 20quite often you can find scanty rates of 2-4 dollars for high ratios. The culture of betting in the country while in its infancy, looks very promising. Despite the low level of wages, local residents willingly make bets in the hope of winning or simply for the sake of excitement. This suggests that the more affordable gambling/betting becomes, the greater the proportion of the population will bet in the online segment.

The network of professional audit companies PricewaterhouseCoopers has determined that South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are the fastest growing gambling markets in Africa. Therefore, we will start with Nigeria and will further move on GDP:


It came in the first place in Africain terms of GDP, which amounted to 405.1 billion USD. Certainly, the gambling business positively influences the country’s budget. This increase in GDP was partly due to the fact that in 2013 the country was lifted the ban on the activities of online casinos. This contributed to the rapid growth of the Internet gambling industry. In addition to improving the GDP, such a decision of the state allowed Nigeria to take second place on the gambling market after South Africa. Special demand is for sports betting. According to the results of the polls, local residents will be more willing to bet in the hope of earning or for excitement than even buying a bottle of beer.

Nigeria occupies the first position on the accessibility of the Internet among the population on the continent, which influenced the development of the gaming industry. Online casinos in Nigeria have appeared recently. Here the highest rates of development of this sphere are marked. The projected profit by 2018 will be about 60 million dollars. Among the residents of the country the most popular sports betting rates, for which they spend more than $ 11 million a day.


The second country for GDP in Africa. There are incredibly popular “ground” bets and games. All the more popular are the bets on sports and casinos. Egypt – an attractive country for tourists, and indeed they are the main customers of local casinos.


The gambling industry seriously contributed to the development of the tourist business in the country. In a place where eastern and western cultures intersect, gambling occupies a separate niche. Basically, all the gambling houses of the country belong to the royal family, which is why this business will continue to develop in the future. That’s why today is the best time to start an online gambling business in this country.

South Africa

The government of this country has finally followed the example of neighboring states and removed a strict ban on gambling. Because of this ban in past Nigeria outperformed South Africa in terms of GDP, the authorities understood this in time and revised their views on the legality of gambling. Now the gambling business here is legal, bookmaking is legalized in the online sector. Especially, users are registered in foreign poker rooms.

South Africa is considered one of the most promising “young” areas for investment in gambling – after the Far East and Latin America, of course. The population of the republic is approaching the level of 56 million people, and local residents are very adventurous, which ensures high profitability of gambling houses.

According to the National Council of South Africa for the period 2015-2016, only legal gambling establishments brought to the budget of the South African Republic about 1.9 billion dollars (of which 1.3 billion – income from the casino). In 2017 gross income from gambling (GGR) grew slightly to 1.99 billion – while the share of interest rates increased by 14.3%, and casino tax deductions, by contrast, decreased by 1%. The revenue from bingo and slot machines also grew.

Speaking about the profitability of various types of the gambling business, we can see from the diagram that the most profitable is betting – it brings almost as much as the casino, lottery, poker, bingo and other games at one time.

tab 2

Tab 2 – The structure of the revenues of the global online gambling business

Let’s return to our analysis of gambling in different countries of Africa.


Kenya is a paradise for the online sector, the state is very friendly, which proves the legalization of 15 online casinos in 2014, which annually replenish the treasury by $ 25 million. Moreover, today the laws in Kenya are very liberal: all types of gambling entertainment in the network are allowed.

Online gambling in Kenya is allowed and is rapidly developing. In this country, you can easily start the service and a wide range of services.


This country is one of the most attractive for online operators. At the moment, Uganda has more than 210 online casinos and bookmakers. The yield from this sphere is about 10 million dollars per year.


All types of ground and online gambling are allowed. There are several large casinos in the country, bookmakers. Lotteries and sports betting are popular.

Taxation in African countries is 29-30% – corporate tax. But the tax on winnings varies from 12 to 20%.

In general, experts note that online gambling and the gaming industry, most likely, will develop very actively. Therefore, in the coming years, the gambling market in Africa will catch up with Latin America and the Caribbean.

As a result, important to say that Africa is one of the most attractive markets for the opening and development of gambling business. The government is friendly and in the future, the situation of business will only improve. It is better to start a betting business now and earn today, having entered the list of the largest representatives of gambling/betting in this or that country