Features of sports lines in MMA

Fighting without rules is a rapidly gaining popularity sport. It’s very young, by the standards of other sports disciplines. The whole history of MMA fits in a couple of decades. For which mixed martial arts went from semi-legal competitions to major shows. The term MMA comes from the English expression Mixed Martial Arts, which means “mixed martial arts” or “fighting without rules”. The second variant of the name is found much more often.

Shows, hips, and even provocations are the key moments that distinguish MMA from other types of martial arts. The only thing that attracts more attention is big boxing tournaments. Also, by the way, sports discipline, which borders with show business. Like boxing, mixed martial arts are very well quoted by bookmakers. A huge number of people bet on the outcome of tournaments and individual fights. And it concerns not only big leagues like UFC or Bellator but also various regional tournaments.

According to experts’ forecasts, the market for mixed fights without rules will continue to grow further. The average annual growth rate will be 6.1% in the period from 2019 to 2026. Of course, these estimates have already been affected by the coronavirus epidemic, but most likely it will only be a temporary decline.

If your company still hasn’t hooked up a sports line of fights without rules, it’s time to think about it!

Features and types of bets at MMA

Unlike football or basketball, there are not many outcomes in mixed fights without rules. These are the most common betting options:

  • For the victory of a certain fighter in a tournament.
  • For the victory of a fighter in a particular round.
  • The victory in the disqualification of an opponent due to prohibited methods.
  • Type of victory: Knockout, technical defeat, disqualification, or victory by a judge.
  • Bet on the even/obligation of the winning round.
  • A bet on the total number of rounds (total rounds).
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When betting on the total number of rounds, it is necessary to take into account that regular battles in MMA last for 3 rounds. But the battles for the title of champion take place already during 5 rounds. If the fighters come together in a battle, then such a fight can end very quickly. If athletes prefer to work in the parterre, they can work all the rounds.

MMA draws are very rare. That’s why bookmakers usually don’t offer odds for a draw.

Preparing odds for the MMA lines

Analysis of fighters’ training and statistics of their tournaments is important for those wishing to bet. However, very often beginners (underdogs), on which there are no statistics and information, achieve success. Often in MMA come fighters from other disciplines – and immediately succeed. This brings an additional element of uncertainty.

The specialization of athletes also affects the coefficients. They can be conditionally divided into drummers and fighters. Age is very important – the older a fighter is, the more difficult it is for him to endure a large number of rounds. On the other hand, older fighters often have much experience.

As in boxing, athletes often try themselves in different weight categories (all in MMA 8). It is quite risky to bet on a fighter who is performing in a new category for the first time. The matter is that he may not understand how exactly opponents of his unusual weight behave, how much strong blows they strike.

Influence on the chances of victory and indicators such as height and scope of arms. It will be easy for a tall drummer with a large arm swing to stand against a low fighter, but if the second one manages to move the fight to the parterre, this advantage will instantly turn into a disadvantage.

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What else should bookmakers and players know about MMA battles?

Each battle is conducted under the auspices of a specific organization. The most famous organization in the world is the UFC. Many fighters have the right to perform only under its wing.

To draw attention to the battles artificially heat the situation. Press conferences are arranged, at which the fighters speak aggressively about the opponent. It is possible to consider that fights begin already at this stage. Then they continue at the weighing stage. An example of this is the famous fight between McGregor and Habib. Such excesses not only work for the public but also directly indicate the athletes’ psychological readiness to fight.

Many fighters perform only 1-2 times a year. In between fights, they can both get in shape and lose it. All this complicates the analysis and calculation of coefficients.

What kind of strategies do bettors use

First, it’s arbitration. The player bets on each of the fighters from different bookmakers. Such a strategy, in a successful combination of circumstances, allows you to stay on the plus side.

Secondly, bettors are very fond of underdogs. Beginner fighters in MMA often knock out famous athletes at the first performances. Combined with high odds, this allows you to win a decent amount of money.

Thirdly, it is not uncommon for bettors to have much more reliable information about fighters than bookmakers. Especially when it comes to athletes from other regions. Or those who haven’t performed for a long time.


Mixed Martial Arts is a dynamic and rapidly progressing sports discipline. They attract the attention of a huge audience that is often interested in the sport. The presence of the MMA sports line on the betting site today is almost a must for success in business.

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