Fighting arbitrage in betting offices

Among the various methods that bettors use to cheat bookmakers, the most popular is the use of so-called forks. This method is also called arbitrage.

What are forks and arbitrage?

Often there are situations when different bookmakers provide high coefficients for the opposite outcomes of the same event. If you bet in two betting shops on opposite outcomes, the risk of losing money tends to be minimal. With the worst outcome, the player will simply return the entire betting amount. But more often than not, it will be in the plus.

Let’s consider a simple fork example. Let’s say that there will soon be a match between team1 and team2. One bookmaker has set the odds of 1.65 to win the team1, and the second has set the odds of 2.89 to win the team2. If you put 127 rubles to the victory of the team1 and 72 rubles to the victory of the team2, then at any outcome of the match the Copper will be in profit by 10 rubles.

Not enough? You can increase the rate by 100 times. Of course, more often the difference in coefficients is noticeably smaller. But anyway, the profit is guaranteed.

Why do bookmakers make different coefficients?

Most often the coefficients in different sports lines are approximately equal. The situation suitable for arbitration arises at the moment when the line starts to fluctuate greatly. For example, because of the large number of bets in a short time. Or the line just slowly updates. Of course, the contribution is made by analysts, who can assess the odds for different events in different ways.

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How often do forks appear? During the day, dozens or even hundreds of times. Tracking the appearance of forks is difficult both for bookmakers themselves and those who bet. Especially when it comes to living events. Therefore, special software comes to aid.

Fork scanners

An online service or fork search program is called a scanner. Such software checks the sportsbook out of different bookmakers and finds the most successful options for arbitration. The more events are scanned simultaneously, the better. In the case of Live-events, the speed of scanning and the relevance of the data obtained is also important.

Good software not only immediately gives out arbitration situations, but is also equipped with betting calculators, analysis of odds movements along the corridors and can assess the risk in each case.

Such software can be free of charge as well. But its functionality is limited to finding forks, on which you can usually earn no more than 1% of the profit. With the help of such a clever move, services are advertised among lovers of free. And then already offer them paid tariff plans that allow you to earn more.

Cool paid services even have their technical support service

Inexpensive services cost Kappers from 30 to 50 dollars a month. Professional services will cost hundreds of dollars a month. Of course, with some share of luck and care we can do without special programs. But with them to find forks is much easier.

Fighting with forks

These people are not interested in sports – only the possibility of getting easy money. They don’t analyze statistics, they don’t follow teams or individual athletes. They just pay for the software and make bets.

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Because of the arbitrators, betting offices lose profits. That’s why big companies set up security departments that monitor the Capper’s accounts. If they manage to find such an account, then the measures are applied to it in various ways. Up to an instant ban with a locked account.

How do you find dishonest bettors?

Fans of arbitration put a lot and a lot. This immediately sets them apart from the usual bettors, who make small bets and much less often. Also, workers like to bet on unpopular events, often withdrawing money. Another factor – the use of bets with fractional numbers. These bets automatically calculate the same special software. And the Cappers just recklessly copy the numbers.

Often the security service of the betting office uses a fraudulent method. It deliberately creates an arbitration situation and waits until the event attracts the attention of the Cappers. Then these accounts are put under special control.

Loyal companies

However, some bookmakers are loyal to the arbitration and see nothing wrong with it. This loyalty is even used as a publicity stunt. Some forklifts may risk to try themselves in “fair betting” in time.

Let’s sum it up

Most betting companies consider forks to be an unfair way to earn money and try to calculate and entice such bettors. However, it is not so easy to do it, because amateurs of arbitration often use expensive professional software and conduct their activities very carefully. Such a phenomenon as arbitration in betting offices will exist for a long time. And this should be considered when choosing a sports line provider for your business.

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