Gambling and betting business trends in 2019

Business owners should keep an eye on rapidly changing and growing trends. We present you several trends that are relevant both in 2019 and soon.

The growing popularity of Live Casinos

Players want to see each other and play with a live dealer, not a bot. Several webcams solve this issue and raise the level of immersion to a whole new level. Many companies already offer Live modes on their websites for roulette, blackjack, and poker. The number of developers of these solutions is also growing.

Moving into virtual reality

VR is growing fast. Goldman Sachs estimates that by 2025, the VR market will reach $80 billion, of which about half will be on software. Casinos in VR assume a very high level of immersion in simulators and live broadcasts.

Customer solutions are still expensive so that the mass market will not be mass in the next couple of years. But there are more and more mobile and energy-efficient solutions. For example, these are Oculus Quest headsets running on Android.

VR-gambling remains exotic, but the situation is already changing and more and more developers are paying attention to this area.

Better graphics

Quality 3D graphics in slots becomes standard. 3D pictures and quality animation can attract more players. There is also a growing demand for artists and 3D modelers who can create these graphics.

Payment in cryptocurrency

A large number of operators already allow replenishment of deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero and other popular cryptocurrencies. The trend started in 2018 and, despite strong corrections at the end of the year, will continue to strengthen in the future.

Blockchain in games

The popularity of cryptocurrencies has led to more developers understanding of blockchain technology. As a result, games that are based on blockchain principles began to appear. For some players, these games look more attractive, because they eliminate the possibility of deception.

Using Big Data

Thanks to the growing popularity of machine learning and the emergence of neural networks running on conventional PCs, the approach to bets is changing. Small companies can analyze league, match and athlete data over decades and draw conclusions based on this data, which can also be used to make winning bets.

This also works with online casinos. With the help of neural networks, in theory, you can find the best strategies in poker (especially when playing against bots) and slots.

Of course, in this interpretation, this trend can not be called positive. And gambling companies will probably have to develop their solutions to protect these vulnerabilities. Which will also be based on Big Data, neural networks, and artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, the results of processing large amounts of user data will help you better understand the players. As a consequence, with the right approach, it will lead to an increase in revenue.

Mobile traffic growth

The success of the gaming site in 2019 is impossible if it ignores mobile users. And if the sites themselves are easy to adapt, then the games posted on it require a lot of money for this. Many of the games have long been written in HTML5, which is fully supported by mobile browsers.

mobile traffic

Google has been indexing primarily mobile versions of sites for over a year. Based on the data obtained by the search engine ranks their desktop versions. In general, even if you are sure that your audience prefers to play with PCs and laptops – it is better to adapt the site for smartphones. Otherwise, you will simply lose organic traffic.

More liberal laws

Many countries are gradually changing their attitudes towards the gambling business and changing their laws, making it easier to gamble (and play). A good example is Sweden, which has decided that online casinos are much more acceptable than offline casinos. As a result, the requirements for online gambling have become simpler and the decades-long monopoly of offline operators has been broken. Soon, Finland may take this path. Other European countries are also looking at Swedish actions and concluding.

In May 2018, several decrees were passed in the United States regarding deregulation of the sports betting market in certain states. Gradually, more and more regions are being allowed to run their betting business legally.

Let’s sum up the results. The gambling market is not only a way to make money quickly, but also the need to change with the changing world. Follow the trends and update the software in time, catch changes in the behavior of players, adjust marketing strategies. Only then will you be successful.