Gambling license: where and how to get it

Any entrepreneur dreams of a profitable business. Bookmaker’s business is ideal for this. But like any other type of activity, it requires an initial investment. And the biggest consumable part is getting a license.

Why do you need documents?

First of all, you become vulnerable to any inspection by an official regulator. You will not get away with a simple fine. At least, it will be huge. Also, along with the fine, you will receive a ban on doing business in most countries. In some, not only your specific business but also a lifetime ban on betting activities. In this country.

Secondly, you will not be able to buy traffic in contextual advertising systems. Google Adwords requires sites that are linked to gambling and betting to have copies (scans) of the relevant documents. The license must specify which countries you can operate in. And if you try to expand the geography of your advertising campaign to countries that are not on this list, the campaign will be blocked. After a couple of such attempts, you will receive an account ban. And problems with creating advertising campaigns in the future.

Third, in some countries, in addition to a fine and a ban on betting, you can also be subject to criminal prosecution.

Fourth, some software suppliers may refuse to work with you.

Problems in obtaining a sports betting license

Each country has requirements for bookmakers. Often a large amount of share capital is required. But, you can work on the franchise of a large betting company. But this does not solve all the problems. Besides, if you want to work in several countries, this license may not cover all of them.

A universal solution

Some countries issue universal licenses without even having to leave the country where you are located to obtain them. These are countries like Malta, Curaçao, Men Island, Gibraltar, Alderney. For these countries, issuing licenses (as well as the sale of citizenship, domain registration, etc.) is a good way to add to the treasury.

Betronic Software helps customers to get these licenses. We have done this operation successfully many times. We help in the preparation of all necessary documents and negotiations. If you need this service – just contact us through the feedback form or online chat.

Malta license

B2C type licenses are issued by Malta Gaming Authority. This type of documents allows betting activities in countries where they are not prohibited.


Documents for registration:

  • A statement;
  • Copies of personal documents of each beneficiary of the company;
  • A summary of professional activities;
  • Certificates of the absence of criminal record;
  • Articles of Association, business plan, and some other documents.

Processing of documents takes about 2 months. The temporary license is issued quickly. Permanent – in about six months.

Cost of a Malta bookmaker’s license

The annual license fee will cost 25000 euros. Also, the profit tax is paid at a flexible rate from 0.40 to 1.25%.

Curaçao license

The Antilles Chamber of Commerce has been issuing permits for bookmakers since 1996. It is one of the oldest, most reliable and stable gambling offshore locations. A good alternative to Malta.


Has the following bonuses:

  • Banks willingly open merchant accounts (Merchant Account) for transactions and deposits/withdrawals;
  • Bookmakers are free to cooperate with the owners of such licenses;
  • Income tax in Curaçao is 22%, but if you are in E-Zone, it is 2%.

E-Zone is a special economic zone in the Netherlands Antilles that allows you to significantly reduce tax payments. E-Zone’s tax regime is protected from changes until 31 December 2025.

The cost of registration is also about 25000 euros.

Curaçao has strict technical requirements for bookmakers. For example:

  • Storage of backup information about clients and transactions in Curacao; software certification by a specialized auditor;
  • availability of Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy sections on the website;
  • presence of a clickable icon confirming licensing.


Want to work within the legal framework and get rid of many problems? Malta’s and Curaçao’s licenses will make it faster, easier and, most importantly, much cheaper than other options.