History of online gambling

The emergence of online casinos coincided with the rapid development of the modern Internet in the early ’90s. The idea was that people would want to play gambling right from home. And web-technology allowed us to realize such a plan at that time.


The first step towards online gambling was taken by the British company Microgaming. It was she who opened the first online casino. It is noteworthy that the company has been gaining momentum every year and today it is the largest slot provider.

In the same year, an agreement was signed in Antigua and Barbuda, which regulates the activities of gambling websites. The miniature island state immediately saw the prospect of online gambling.


After two years, the number of online casinos developed by various companies on the Internet has increased to 15 pieces. Demand for gambling entertainment on the Web has grown rapidly, but the potential size of the audience has been limited so far.


The origin of betting activity on the Web. InterTops was the first company to develop this area. As for online casinos, the number of sites in this area has increased to 200 pieces.


The year was marked by two remarkable events at once. First, a progressive slot was developed and implemented for the first time. Also this year, the first big jackpot was won. The volume of the Internet gambling market grew to 800 million dollars a year.


Microgaming has created a specialized eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) structure. This organization began to act as an intermediary between players and playgrounds, resolving disputes between them, and protecting the rights of users.

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The turnover of the industry at this time on a global scale has already started to count in billions of dollars.

In the tools, online casino marketers begin to appear such familiar things today, such as bonuses and loyalty programs. The battle for the client begins.


Chris Moneymaker
Chris Moneymaker

American Chris Moneymaker won the prestigious offline tournament World Series of Poker. The chip is that according to the winner, he learned to play so cool from absolute zero thanks to sites with online poker. As a result, attendance at poker sites, which is already growing day by day, has increased several times.


The rapid development of online gambling has led to a decline in land casino attendance. When this trend was noticed in Las Vegas, the U.S. Parliament passed a law banning online gambling. But banning is one thing, and preventing players from visiting online casino sites is another.


The first iPhone came out this year. It was not yet possible to put third-party applications on it, but the appearance of this device gave an increased impetus to the development of smartphones. The first gambling mobile application Texas Holdem for iPhone was developed by Apple itself. To play for real money in it was impossible, but the example is illustrative. Especially given that in 2019 Apple announced that it would block payments from its credit cards Apple Card in favor of online casinos and bookmakers.

The first mobile gambling game in which you could play for real money, in the same year released the same MicroGaming. It was a Baccarat game and it worked on the platform of Spin3.

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In the same year, the first live casinos with live dealers begin to appear. These establishments contribute to greater immersion in what’s happening and are beginning to be in high demand.


The U.S. authorities began to think about legalizing online gambling. The state of New Jersey was the first to meet business. Under the license of this state was opened 11 online gambling houses, which began to pay tax on income in favor of the state.

Also this year, mobile phone rates exceeded $10 billion.


Following the advent of cryptovolta, the first licensed BitCasino casino was opened. It took the money and paid out winnings in Bitcoins.


Mobile platforms began to give up Flash technology, which was used by most popular online casinos. Flash required too many smartphone resources, which was unacceptable. That’s why website and application developers began massively switching to HTML5.


A Spanish company, the leader among gambling developers, Red Rake has released the world’s first slot with orbital drums.

The way forward

The number of sites and applications with gambling is currently estimated at tens of thousands. Plus hundreds of thousands more sites and other resources collect and redirect users to these casinos and betting offices. Supply in many markets already exceeds the demand and competition for players are higher than ever.

At the same time, many markets have not yet been developed. This is due to both the weak development of technology, such as in Africa, as well as specific legislation. Many countries are now tightening, then simplify the legal work of online casinos in their territories.

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