How do bookmakers make money on cybersports?

Cybersport is a young competitive discipline. Compared to traditional sports. But this term did not appear yesterday. The first serious game tournaments were held back in the 90s.

A huge audience, spectacularity, competitive element, a large number of both well-predicted and random factors – all of this inevitably led to the fact that bets on cybersports games began to be accepted. And today, this sport is considered one of the most promising and fastest-growing.

A brief history of cybersports

Playing against live opponents in computer games has always been more interesting than playing against AI. Many players were striving to achieve perfection in their disciplines, which led to the launch of major tournaments.

cs go
Counter Strike match

The first notable event was the Quake Championship in 1997, which brought together about 1900 participants. The winner was presented with a Ferrari 328 GTS convertible. Personally from John Carmack.

Other popular disciplines, besides Quake, were Counter-Strike, Starcraft, and Warcraft. From the beginning of the 2000s to 2014, the annual World Cyber Games were held. Victory in it brought not only solid winnings but also honor and respect from players and fans around the world.

dota 2
The International 2019 city illumination

Counter-Strike and Starcraft remained among the top sports games to date, but they have to fight for the attention of the audience with a lot of projects. These are popular projects like Dota 2, League of Legend, Overwatch, PUBG, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Hearthstone, World of Tanks, Call of Duty. And this is not a complete list. Large tournaments are held even on mobile games!

What is the reason for this popularity?

Cyber-sports spectators are usually the players themselves. There are a lot of them. For example, the League of Legends has more than 100 million active users. These people understand the nuances of the game and are well aware of what happens in the arena during sports matches.

The second point is that you don’t have to know a specific discipline to enjoy watching matches. It is enough just to have experience of at least some computer games.

Finally, cyber-sports tournaments are very spectacular. The picture is bright, there are a lot of activities, collisions, shootings and so on. As in ordinary sports, there are commentators, analysts, repetitions of the best moments.

The best cybersportsmen earn millions of dollars and gain world fame. They have their fans who even follow them around the world – almost like in football.

The prize funds have grown many times over the past 20 years. The largest Dota 2 championship, The International, played between the participants of the tournament more than $ 30 million. This is still a record, but it may be broken next year.

Large tournaments on Counter-Strike can boast a prize pool of 1 million dollars and more.

The audience of cyber-sports broadcasts

Experts estimate that 150 to 200 million people are currently watching regular broadcasts of cyber-sports tournaments. This is more than that of hockey or tennis, whose audience does not exceed 100 million viewers. An important note: both hockey and tennis have almost reached their ceiling, while the audience of virtual competitions continues to grow by 10-20% annually.

The audience growth is provided not only by top games but also by the emergence of new projects. You can release a competitive game in a completely new genre and interest a huge number of people who have not played before. This happened, for example, with World of Tanks.

Can you imagine the possibility of a new kind of team sport appearing offline? New kind of football or hockey? This is almost unrealistic and connected with huge expenses.

Final match cybersport arena on Starladder Berlin Major 2019

Computer games, in addition to the spectacular, there are other ways to interest the audience. Thus, at almost all major tournaments, viewers of broadcasts can get valuable bonuses in the form of in-game items for watching them. These are skins for weapons or characters, boots of experience, unique items and so on.

Some of these items fall out only when several conditions match. For example, a certain team goes into the final grid of the tournament with a certain score. This already looks like a sports bet! Only the spectator still puts his time and attention.

Advantages of betting on cybersports

Entertainment, competition, and understanding of the main aspects of the games quickly led to the emergence of bets on the outcome of the tournaments. At first, the odds were made not with money, but with the same weapon skins (in Counter-Strike). This phenomenon has even its designation – skinbetting. Skinbetting does not require a license, but there is almost no responsibility for the organizer before the participants.

The transition to real money happened very quickly. Not so long ago this segment of the market was noticed by large bookmakers’ offices and everything changed. Fonbet, Leon, 1XBET – all of them accept bets on cybersports. GG.BET can be singled out as a separate company – it is well known to many players due to mass advertising on the streaming service and sponsoring of cyber-sports teams.

There are a couple of key points thanks to which the betting business is interested in these sports:

A large number of tournaments

There are big tournaments with millions of prize money. They are held once or several times a year. Also, there are tens and hundreds of small regional tournaments with tens of thousands of dollars in prize funds. They are also interesting for spectators. Finally, there are thousands of very small tournaments. These events do not attract a large audience, but many are ready to bet on them.

gg bet
GG.BET ad on cybearthlete t-shirt

It turns out that you can bet on cybersports every day, at any time of day. By analogy with sports, there is a full-fledged “cybersports” line. Always someone fights with someone. And these are real rivals, so you don’t have to invent things like virtual races and soccer matches to interest the devoted audience.

A large number of events for bets

As in normal sports, you can do pre-match and express bets. But you can create additional interest by adding bets on in-game events.

For example:

  • “First blood (which team will kill the opponent first);
  • destruction of a certain object (Roshan in Dota 2);
  • number of frags;
  • match time;
  • a score of the first card;
  • Winning method (explosion or destruction of the team in Counter-Strike);
  • Use of a certain weapon or artifact.

Cybersports problems

As in ordinary sports, there are contract matches. This is especially true for small online tournaments. In them, no one controls the teams from outside. Any member of the team can find out the current forecasts and coefficients on the bookmaker’s sites. As a result, the team can quickly decide that it is more profitable for them to make their bet and lose this match.

There used to be cases like this, but they gradually came to naught. Teams have become more reputable, and athletes’ salaries and prize money have increased significantly. Nobody wants to be framed.

The tournament can also fail for technical or other reasons. Because of DDOS-attack, poor quality of communication, absence of one player (and substitution for him). Again, this happens in small online competitions. There are overlaps at major tournaments, but for technical reasons, they don’t go off.

What can and should be considered when betting on cybersports

Despite the abundance of significant factors, it is even easier to make predictions for game matches than for football or hockey. There are not many key points:

  • The importance of the tournament for the team;
  • Current line-up;
  • Past match statistics, position in ratings;
  • Additional factors. For example, a team may test a strategy and not play to its full potential;
  • Experience playing in online and lane-mode. Some teams play worse in front of the real public;
  • Specifics of a particular game (release of updates, the appearance of new characters, etc.);
  • Expectations of the public, which directly affect the odds.

In online tournaments, it is worth considering such sudden events as the probability of DDOS-attacks on one of the parties. If a team is often exposed to such attacks, it means that it either has problems with technical support or has too many hackers.

How do you add a cyber-sports line to your site?

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