How to set up an online casino support service

Casino players regularly have various questions. These may concern slot or roulette performance, deposit replenishment or winnings. These questions are addressed to the support team. And on how quickly and efficiently this service solves all the problems that arise, it directly depends on the profit of the institution.

What requirements should the support service meet?

1. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Support staff should respond at any time of the day or night. Online casinos do not work on a specific schedule, so they can always have visitors. To ensure 24-hour operation, support operators usually work in shifts.

2. Several communication options

Phone, email and online chat are the minimum set. Also, it is worth placing a contact form on the site for communication. Online chat and contact form should be able to attach files. This is done in case the player wants, for example, to send a video with a demonstration of the bug.

In an online chat, it is possible to use a bot. Which welcomes the player, clarifies the essence of the problem and offers to read the FAQ. But the sooner the live operator enters into a dialogue, the better. Many users are irritated by the bots, and the negative of communicating with the technical support should not remain.

When contacting any of the channels, the user should receive a message that his or her request is fixed and he or she will soon receive an answer. So, if he sends a request with a contact form, it is worth sending an email to the specified email address confirming that the request has been received.

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3. using CRM

Fixing requests from all channels in the CRM helps to analyze the flow of requests and flexibly adapt the scheme and schedule of operators. It also helps reduce customer waiting times.

4. Professionalism of operators

All technical support specialists must answer players’ questions clearly and quickly, and treat clients with respect. To do this, they should be trained and familiar with the most common problems.

All incoming questions (and answers) are recorded in the knowledge base. This makes it easier for operators to work in the future. If users ask some of these new questions more often, it makes sense to add them to the FAQ.

All answers should be competent. At the end of the communication, the operator should receive confirmation from the client that his problem has been solved. And also thank you for contacting the support team.

5. Multi-language support

The exact number of languages is determined by the geography of the site or application. English is required in 95% of cases. Rare exceptions are possible only in the case of purely local markets such as Russia or China.

6. Availability of FAQs

A well-structured and informative Q&A section on the site will help reduce the number of support calls. In this section, you can place answers to the most common questions. And add to the list as new questions appear.


The recommendations, at first glance, are obvious. But, in practice, not all of them implement them in their country. At the same time, it is the quality of the support service that directly affects the user experience of the players. How quickly and informatively operators answer users’ questions ultimately depends on the profit online casinos.

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