How to use freebets in bookmakers’ offices

Free bet. One of the simplest types of bonuses in bookmakers’ offices. Usually, it is a small amount ($5-10), which cannot be withdrawn immediately after receipt. With its help, you can only make a bet, the winnings from which you can withdraw later. The amount of bonus remains with the company.

This bonus allows you to interest both experienced players and beginners. You can find the conditions for getting a freebet on the site (or in the application) of the bookmaker in the “Promotions”, “Bonuses” or in the rules of work.

How the bonus works

For example, you registered on the bookmaker’s website and funded your account with $50. You got another 50 as a freebet. Bet on the entire amount ($100) with a coefficient of 1.6. Your winnings amounted to 1.6*100=160 dollars. The bookmaker takes his 50 dollars back, you still have the honestly won 110 dollars. If you played only on your own, you would win $1.6*$50=$80.

If the bet did not win, then both in the first and second cases you will lose only $50. The bookmaker will not demand a refund of the freebet amount. Simple and clear to everyone’s scheme.

This is the simplest example of how this scheme works. In addition to it, there is also a freebet with a wagon. In this case, the amount and size of bonuses may increase with each new bet. The number of bets and the time frame in which they must be made is usually limited.

Requirements for freebet

If the bookmaker will give out tangible bonuses just for registration, it will attract a large number of freeloaders (bonus-hunters). This approach not only does not pay off but also leads to direct losses.

To limit the inflow of non-monetary sports betting fans, companies impose certain restrictions on the bonus:

  • replenishment of the deposit for a certain amount. Often the amount of bonus is equal to the amount of this replenishment;
  • betting at a certain rate, for example, at least 1.5;
  • betting on one or more specific championships;
  • The limited validity period of the promotion. For example, from two weeks to a month.

One of the bookmakers is limited to one condition, while in other companies all of them can meet at once. The most important thing is not to make getting a freebet too easy. On the other hand, excessively strict requirements will lead to dissatisfaction with newcomers.

Sometimes a freebet acts as a reward. Bookmakers distribute small virtual bonuses for increased activity of players. Or, conversely, send offers to get the amount of money for the “free” bet to those users who have not visited the site for a long time. Calendar holiday or victory of the national team in any championship may also be an occasion for the distribution of free bets.

With the help of such incentives, it is also convenient to promote your mobile application. Just send out an announcement on its base of players, offering all freeboot for downloading and installing the program on your phone. In the long run, it is beneficial, as smartphone users will be able to make bets at any time, not just being near the computer.

Are there any pitfalls?

Some bookmakers intentionally complicate the conditions for obtaining and using freebets. There are even situations where getting a free bonus leads to unplanned expenses.

Inexperienced players can fall for the following tricks:

  • Difficult conditions for activating a freebet. The player tries to fulfill them, gets confused, makes mistakes. When applying for support, it turns out that he has violated one of the numerous points of the rules. These points can be interpreted in two ways.
  • Difficult conditions of wagering. For example, the bookmaker’s office may require the player to use bets with high odds. As a result, the probability of winning is extremely low and the bookmaker simply can not lose anything.
  • Short deadlines. To get the bonus, the bookmaker requires a certain number of bets with a given odds in a few days. The player will have to spend a lot of time on analysis, then wait for the calculation of bets. You can, of course, bet on live or on the next events, but the probability of losing increases.
  • Absence of the option to refuse the bonus. The player registers agree with all the conditions, but he does not need a freebet. Betshop blocks his account due to the non-fulfillment of the promotion conditions. As a result, until the unhappy person replenishes the deposit for a certain amount and makes the necessary bets, he simply can’t withdraw money from his account.

How to avoid such “free money”? Carefully read the terms of the bonus program and reviews of other clients. If the list of requirements is too many, the terms are small, and the amount of wagering is overstated, then this free cheese is not needed for anything. Moreover, there are many alternatives and you can always find a bookie with more loyal requirements.

Too difficult conditions can directly indicate that the site earns only on deception wishing to get a bonus. And the reception of bets – this is a side activity.


Freebet is nothing more than another marketing tool. In the face of fierce competition, companies spend a large amount of money on attracting new players. The free bonus increases the probability of registration and account replenishment. If a person has registered and made the first deposit, the probability that he will continue to make bets is high. That’s why this scheme is used by almost everyone.