How will the coronavirus affect the gambling market?

The Covid-19 coronavirus continues to spread in the world. Most countries have already faced the need to take measures to combat the diagnosis of this disease. The virus has had an impact not only on the social sphere but also, above all, on the economy.

How will the spread of the virus, from which there is no vaccine yet, affect the gambling business? Let’s try to figure it out.

People are gonna play more

In almost any crisis, the entertainment industry keeps and increases its position. During major economic crises, people work less and fill free time with content consumption, games, visits to various entertainment facilities.

As security measures against the coronavirus, many countries are introducing quarantine at the level of entire cities. As a result, in same China, people have started spending most of their time at home. As a result, Internet traffic and sales volumes of mobile and computer games have increased dramatically. Many people began to play games of chance, visit online casinos and bookmaker companies.

In general, we can argue that this situation is beneficial, at least to sites with online casinos and slot machines.

Land-based casinos and best shops

As for the stationary casinos located in separate buildings, hotels, entertainment centers and so on, the situation is not good for them. Under the epidemiological threat, people try less to leave home and stay in public places. Such places include land-based casinos.

Offline casinos can have problems with the occupancy of halls. Let us also take into account the fact that such establishments are often designed for tourists and guests from other cities in the country. And the tourism industry, both international and domestic, suffered from Covid-19 among the first.

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Owners of land-based casinos are advised to start developing the online component as soon as possible. It’s time to invest the available funds in creating your website or application.

With a shortage of customers may face and ground receiving points betting. Exactly for the same reasons. Therefore, their owners should redirect their clients to use mobile applications and websites as soon as possible.

Problems of sports lines

Even if the whole bookmaker’s business is tied up online, his income may sink for another reason. Namely – a sharp decline in the number of popular sporting events. Sports matches will be canceled or postponed indefinitely to prevent mass crowds at the stadium. Each such canceled match means fewer options available for betting on the sports line.

The first to be hit are the important stages of the cybersports championships. However, cybersports can still be moved online, so nothing will happen in this direction soon. But the upcoming cancellation of important matches in Italy and other European countries will affect the income of bookmakers.

There is also a way out of this situation. In advertising, you can make more emphasis on e-Sports and virtual sports. Such popular entertainment as Golden Race during the fight against the virus will become even more popular.

Irreversibility of changes

Experts estimate that in the most optimistic scenario the world will be able to cope with the Covid-19 virus by the end of 2020. Other scenarios indicate that the fight could take longer.

It is already clear that the coronavirus will affect not only the economy of the world but also people’s habits in the global sense. So, in China, there’s a real home food delivery boom now. In a year or two, the Chinese will get so used to this way of eating that even after the threat has disappeared, they will continue to use the services of food delivery. Many at this time will discover entertainment such as computer games.

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The same applies to gamble entertainment. A very large number of people in the pursuit of gambling and the usual sensations quickly learn to bet on the phone and play virtual slots instead of real slot machines. And these habits will save for a long time. The gambling industry is more of a positive moment.


As you can see, the threat of the epidemic is not only losses but also possible profits. It all depends on how developed your online business is. Yes, bookmakers may have problems with the lack of popular matches. But they should compensate for these losses through the general increase in interest in online entertainment.