Is it worth the fight against ludomania at online casinos?

Gambling addiction or ludomania occurs in about 2-3% of the adult population (data for the USA). The American Psychiatric Association has included this phenomenon among dangerous mental diseases. Stubborn gamblers cause irreparable damage not only to their financial well-being but also destroy their own families and social ties.

How do they become ludomans?

The increased propensity to play addiction is most often manifested at a young age. The availability of gambling contributes greatly to this. For this reason, in many countries where legalized gambling, there is an age limit for gamblers. Usually, it is for 18 years.

The main reasons for ludomania:

  • is the feeling of easy profit. Some people only need to get a good win once and feel the adrenaline rush to start chasing this feeling without looking at their abilities;
  • a feeling of unrealization. If a person has few achievements in “real” life, he tries to compensate for this fact by achieving success in the game;
  • status. Cinematography and summaries of the life of glamorous stars firmly connected casinos with images of success;
  • a penchant for addiction of any kind. Linked with the features of the psyche. Man with equal success can be involved in both gambling and computer games.

The difference between computer and gambling is that in the case of ludomania player spends not only time but also a lot of money. And then goes into all the hard to get money to play.

Ludomania and online casinos

It may seem that the dependent player is the best client for online casinos. After all, he will actively spend all his money. Which means it will bring maximum profit.

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In terms of a single casino, it may be so. But if you consider the prospects for the gambling market as a whole, the phenomenon of gambling affects it negatively. Dependent players bring a lot of problems to their families and society as a whole. Because of them, crime rates and social tensions are increasing. And it is because of these people, the state begins to strictly regulate or prohibit gambling.

Bookmakers and online casinos can contribute to the fight against gambling addiction. To do this, for example, they can not only prohibit access to people under 18 years but also offer players to set limits. If the user feels that he is prone to gaming addiction, he can set limits for himself: on deposit, on bets, on the maximum amount of loss. Of course, these settings are easy to change, so there is no 100% guarantee. But some gamblers will be able to control their actions in this way.

Responsible game

The creation of a special information section “Responsible Gaming” can be a good tone for online casinos. It contains tips on how to avoid gambling addiction. For example:

  • take breaks;
  • not allowing yourself to exceed a certain betting amount;
  • not to borrow money to play a game.

Also, it is not bad to introduce players to the consequences of ludomania. All of this will allow potential gamblers to think about the consequences of their actions.

The good news for business is that the share of ludomans relative to the total number of players is not increasing. The U.S. researched in 2000 and 2010. Psychologists interviewed about 3000 players and concluded that the ludomans percentage has not changed. And this even though the availability of gambling, thanks to the Internet and mobile applications, has increased significantly.

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The result is

The best casino player is someone who’s been playing for years. Ludomans are losing their finances in a matter of weeks and days. Sometimes they break the law and go to jail in an attempt to get the money. Where they can’t play anymore and make a profit.

Also, the very phenomenon of ludomania negatively affects business and is the reason for the tightening of laws by governments in different countries. That is why the bookmaker business and online casinos should make their contribution to the fight against this phenomenon.