Multi-accounting in bookmaker’s offices

The best client for a bookmaker is a person who bets just for fun and to get thrilling emotions. This is especially emphasized in advertising materials.

There is a big number of people who professionally earn on bets. Bookmakers don’t like such clients. And in every way hinder their activities. Today we will consider one of the ways that professional bettors use. This is multi-accounting – the use of multiple accounts on the site of one bookmaker.

Why do you need multi-accounting

One of the most frequent problems faced by professional players in the reduction of maximums. The bookmaker may notice that the same person regularly wins large amounts of money. He is either a professional bettor, who knows how to calculate a strategy and analyze games or has information about fixed matches. If you limit these clients to a maximum betting amount of $1, they will quickly lose interest in the betting.

Another “unwanted” type of clients in many bookmakers are arbitrage bettors. People who place bets on opposite markets of the same event. This approach guarantees a profit in any result.

Accounts are registered on real documents. So just registering as a new professional can’t. The output is simple – register a new account for the documents of another person. Or just buy a ready-made account.

Third-party document scans are bought on the darknet. Find anonymous sim cards or virtual numbers for registration is also not difficult. After registering a new account on it first make a few minimum random bets. This emulates the behavior of an ordinary user. And only after some time such a profile can be used already for professional earnings.

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The second option is less suspicious. Especially if this account has gone into negative. Bookmakers are interested in the person to pay the debt, so not so carefully check such profiles. Unlike the new ones.

Fighting multi-accounting

Security services at betting offices regularly verify accounts. If employees become suspicious, they conduct identity checks by telephone. In some cases, this is done via Skype using a video link.

When verifying an account over the phone, employees are asked to provide personal information such as date or place of birth, date of registration, or part of a passport number. The cheater usually doesn’t remember and doesn’t keep at hand the data of all accounts. If he passes this check, then one way or another he will not pass the check with the use of video communication.

In the case of buying an old account, the attention of the security service should attract strange activity on it. For example – a change in the size of bets. Or simply making a large deposit. The most suspicious sign is a change in payment data. In many companies, such data is processed automatically. Including the use of neural networks.

To simplify their work, the security services of different bookmakers exchange data with each other. For this purpose, large databases of dishonest players are used. Small bookmakers can also get access to such databases, even if they don’t have their financial monitoring service. Together, companies more successfully fight against professional players. But arbitrage betters are constantly inventing new ways to cheat.

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Multi accounting is a popular and relatively affordable way to increase your earnings for professional players and cheaters. On the one hand – bookmakers have all the features to detect and block such fake profiles. On the other hand, these measures are taken with some delay. So the end has not yet been set in this struggle.