Payment systems for online casinos

The easier and faster it is to top up your online casino deposit, the more likely it is that you will be the one who will be able to spend your money. A wide choice of payment options increases the loyalty of players and directly affects the traffic of the site.

Requirements for a casino payment system

Transaction rate

The faster the payments are made, the higher the level of trust of the players. Ideally, the balance should be updated as soon as the user sends the money. With deposit replenishment in most cases, it is possible to achieve this speed. But with the withdrawal of money is not all that easy.

Convenient interface

The less action is required to make a payment, the better. Nobody likes bulky forms with a bunch of fields and buttons.

Reliability of transactions

The payment system must guarantee the delivery of funds and carry out all transfers just in time.


The payment system should not disclose personal data of the client, transfer them to the tax or special services. Wallets, applications, payment forms on websites should be resistant to hackers and fraudsters.

What services are the most popular in iGaming

In general, all payment systems can be divided into transaction processing services from banks, various electronic wallets, and cryptocurrency settlement systems. Let’s consider the most popular variants.



A map of these systems can be opened in a bank in almost any country on the planet. And they can also be used to pay for it almost anywhere in the world. Visa and MasterCard have been working for decades and have established themselves as reliable payment systems. Most online casinos on the Internet also accept cards of these systems for payment.

Their main advantages:

  • High speed of transactions;
  • the popularity of the brand;
  • security;



The oldest virtual payment system that operates its banknotes. In the system, they are called “title units”. These characters are not issued by a real bank, but they are not cryptocurrency either. It would seem that this approach can scare away users. But with the authority and recognition of Webmoney all right. The secret is that they appeared on the market for alternative payments were among the first and had time to gain the trust of hundreds of thousands of users around the world.

Advantages of Webmoney:

  • To open the wallet does not need to confirm their data;
  • The minimum commission for transfers;
  • operative technical support;
  • high level of security;
  • absence of restrictions on the number of registered wallets per user.


Payment service, popular around the world. Unlike WebMoney, each user undergoes the identification procedure.


  • fast transactions;
  • The convenient interface of a purse;
  • High level of security;
  • a lot of options for account replenishment.



In 2003 he started his work under the name Moneybookers, but then he was renamed. This service was developed specifically for bookmaker operations and online casino betting. Today, it also works with other areas: shop affiliate programs, money transfers, payment for goods and services.

Advantages of Skrill:

  • High speed of transactions;
  • security;
  • works in almost all online casinos and betshops;
  • supports 39 types of currencies.


It works in more than 200 countries around the world. It allows you to issue both a virtual account and a physical Net+ card. This card works along with Visa and Mastercard. To register an account, you need to specify the real data and then verify them.


Relatively new service. For gambling, it is interesting, first of all, the possibility of registration of an anonymous card. The service guarantees that the movement of funds on this card will be impossible to track.



So far, this is not the most common payment instrument. But its popularity is growing very fast. According to forecasts, in 3-4 years every second betshop or online casino will accept deposits in bitcoins.

The pros are cryptocurrencies:

  • complete anonymity and confidentiality;
  • Absolute security;
  • fast transfers;
  • Absence of commissions.


Modern financial instruments allow you to quickly make settlements with players located anywhere in the world. The more payment systems you use, the easier it is for users to transfer money to you and win. Therefore, when choosing a software vendor, consider which payment systems they can connect.