Player myths about online casinos

Gambling and luck go hand in hand with different superstitions of the players. Someone believes in the secret methods of winning, and someone makes good money on the sale of such techniques. Another believes that the newcomers are lucky. The third does not believe that online casinos play fair. And so on. We tried to collect the most common superstitions and myths. Some of them have existed for centuries and migrated from the offline gambling industry.

The myth of “happy hours”

It is assumed that online casinos are set up in such a way that during peak hours they reduce the percentage of winnings. But at a time when there are few players – for example, at night or early in the morning, the percentage increases. Allegedly, this is because in prime time the players want to have fun and will not pay attention to the reduced percentage of winnings.

In fact, of course, nobody does that. The licensed software simply won’t let you do it. Otherwise, the company that created it simply will not pass all the necessary tests. Also, the concept of day and night in online casinos is very blurred. The audience of many sites, as a rule, international. And when the night in America, the site may be full of players from Australia. And vice versa.

Slots need to “warm-up”

The myth has lasted since the time of the pole machines. It was believed that if such a column has accumulated a lot of coins, he will certainly give a significant part of them as a win. You just need to take a bunch of nickels and start flipping them one by one without delay. Of course, the rare cases of such a technique only supported the myth.

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About online slots, many adhere to the same rule. They say we should not expect a winning combination immediately. First, you just need to make a series of bets and look at the “behavior” of the slot machine. If the deposit does not begin to increase, then the slot is “not warmed up” and it is better to move on to the next.

There is little sense in such moves. For each player, a slot is run by a separate script and works strictly randomly.

There are “happy” sequences

As for the same slots: some players, they believe, see a logical sequence in the fall of different combinations. And they can use them to predict the falling out of winning lines. Especially like to bravado these streamers slots on Twitch. However, these guys sometimes manage to collect several myths in one pile at once. And happy hours and warm-up and cunning sequences. And also…

There are 100% working methods of winning

It’s especially fashionable now to sell such techniques at sports stakes. Usually, this is how cool bloggers on YouTube and Instagram do it. They sell rates for several tens of thousands of rubles, promising that they will teach anyone to win, and their investments will be taken away by the lucky ones within a few months or weeks. Those who wish to do so will not be discouraged.

In practice, none of these techniques do show a noticeable result. Yes, some of the clients of such “gurus” will be lucky and it is this success will be shown to others as a confirmation. But the majority will simply lose all the money spent.

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The jackpot can be won only with a large bet

That’s not exactly a lie, because a few years ago some ISPs promoted a similar idea. Later on, it was abandoned and today any, even a very small bet can win the jackpot. But an unsuccessful experiment has turned into a myth and lives in such status even now.

Large jackpots go to the “right” people

One of the most popular myths. It is believed that the big winnings never go to ordinary players, and everything is arranged in such a way that the money got a certain person. Perhaps even a casino worker. In practice, this does not happen, each spin is unique and everyone can win.

In new casinos, it is easier to win

The logic of this approach is also very simple. They say that if a casino has just opened, it needs to attract clients somehow. And there is no better reception than to spin up the percentage of winnings.

The myth is destroyed very simply. Licensed software on behalf of a reputable provider does not allow anybody similar liberties. And to play online casinos without this software, no one wants to play.

In online casinos play only wealthy people

This myth came from offline, too. In the minds of a person who has never been to a land-based casino, gambling is associated with glamour and glitter, expensive drinks and stacks of chips of great value. Reality is far from such prejudices. Play online casinos can be played with just a few dollars or tens of rubles (not thousands). You can choose entertainment for any purse. Online casinos do not need to contain expensive space, so it is willing to accept players with any level of prosperity.

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Beginners are lucky

It’s only true in one respect. New players are usually given various bonuses, free slots, and tournaments. This is done for one purpose – to leave the player on the site, catch something, make you feel like a spoiled destiny. The more bonuses he gets, the better his chances of winning. But over time, this difference is leveled out. Also, bonuses are issued not just for fun, but with certain conditions, not always easy.

It is not easy to win

There is a myth that it is easy to deposit to the site, but with the receipt of the winnings, you will have to spend some time. Therefore, in advertising casinos so often pressed on the “100% guarantee of the payment of the winnings”. Just to reassure such unbelievers.

Usually, the withdrawal of money is not a difficult task. Yes, the casino will require information about the bank account plus scans of documents to obtain confirmation of identity. If the player is under 18 years old, this may be a problem. This is how myths about the “difficulty of withdrawing money” appear.

Of course, this list is not complete

There are other myths related to online casinos, sports betting and other gambling. We have only talked about the most common in the world. But in some countries, there are also their superstitions related to luck and playing for money.