Popular products in the gambling industry for 2018

What can bookmakers and casinos expect in 2018 ? Is there a risk that the interest of players in online betting will begin to fade or on the contrary should expect a surge in activity among gamblers? Which of the products, developments and programs will be most popular among the audience?

Sports betting still remains a popular way to spend interesting time and earn money. Therefore there is no danger for owners of gambling to be forgotten in new year, and even vice versa – it is more likely to predict the influx of new gambling clients. This is due to the upcoming World Cup: as it is known, a sport event of this scale invariably evokes resonance among fans.

Betronic Software sportsbook and other types of software will facilitate football fans the process of tracking sports events and will make it possible to make the most comfortable betting on matches and championships. Online casinos, especially those with advanced games such as betting software casino life, are constantly increasing the number of users. Life Casino in another casino with the live is steadily gaining in the growth of users to this game, for the year of 2017 it was 37%. Already today it is possible to say with certainty that in 2018 their number will grow.

Gambling industry

Gambling industry is becoming increasingly mobile-oriented. Now working in it online without a mobile device is unprofitable: for 2017 the number of players from the mobile betting software application or other developers increased by 37%. More and more users prefer easy and convenient smartphone to cumbersome desktop computer or laptop.

VR (virtual reality) begins gradually integrate in the casino business. The process is complicated by the fact that small number of owners of gambling business have programs and equipment. Gradually VR will become part of the gambling industry. It is not a fact that it will happen in 2018, but the direction development is obvious.

Slots and betting on eSports do not lose relevance. It is safe to say that in 2018 in this area of ​​gambling there will be a large influx of users. The generation of the 2000s grew up and “came out”, which is much better than previous generations oriented in the current realities and new opportunities. These young people were born and grew up along with online games and feel like a fish in the water in such industries as esports and a virtual casino. According to analysts’ forecasts, esports will outperform football by the number of bets in 2019.

So, 2018 will not bring to the owners of online bookmakers any unpleasant surprises. Provided that you are sufficiently prepared for the influx of new players and know how to attract them, you can expect good profits.

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