Features promotion Live casino

Games with the mode Live, that is, with live dealers, appeared for two reasons. First, a certain category of players believes that everything on the Internet is easy to fake, “twist” and therefore online casinos can not be trusted. Secondly, many people just like to look at a living person, not a 3D model, no matter how beautiful it is.

Principle of work of Live-casino

The minimum set for a casino with a live dealer includes a dealer workstation with a table and cards, a camera that broadcasts plus special software. All tables are equipped with additional cameras and sensors that can read card data and output it to the user. The croupier has no access to the money, so he can’t influence the winnings in any way. If the bet is played, it is credited to the deposit automatically.

Live casinos require premises, special equipment and a large number of staff (including technical). Therefore, not every company can afford to launch such a service on its own. But there is also a solution to this problem. Many providers offer this service “turnkey”. That is, anyone can conclude a contract and simply integrate Live-casino from third-party providers on your website or mobile application. In most cases, it is much more profitable than organizing your structure, hiring staff and so on.

What games can I play with live dealers? The most popular ones are:

  • roulette
  • blackjack
  • baccarat
  • poker
  • wheel of fortune

Also, the popular and very simple games in which the player is required to guess some properties of the cards. For example, the game “Battle of bets” is in great demand. In it, the player competes with the dealer, guessing which card is older.

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Trends with keywords “live casino” in Google Search

Pros and cons of Live Entertainment

The pros are obvious:

  • Players feel the atmosphere of a “real” land-based casino without leaving home. Often on the screen, you can see other tables and dealers, hear the characteristic sounds of winnings and so on.
  • More confidence in the casino, as the presence of a live dealer, according to players, eliminates the possibility of fraud.
  • You can play not only from a computer but also from the phone.
  • Unlike land-based casinos, Live broadcasts are available at any time of day.
  • If you wish, you can participate in several Live games simultaneously.
  • It is possible to communicate with the dealer via chat. Although not on personal topics, it is still much more enjoyable than chatting with a bot.
  • You can ask the dealer to speed up or, conversely, slow down the game. And play at a comfortable pace.

What can be attributed to the disadvantages:

  • The presence of queues. How many beautiful girls would not have hired a provider – their number is always sure. Therefore, in rush hour may be a situation where the player has to wait for free space at the table.
  • A limited number of options for games. In a real land-based casino there is much more fun. Perhaps with the development of VR, this disadvantage will be smoothed out even more.
  • Some players still do not trust this method of entertainment. They believe that the site slips them a video instead of a broadcast.

However, the providers have come up with a simple and elegant solution for non-believers. Behind the croupier, they simply put a TV that shows Eurosport or any other popular international TV channel. Any player can turn on the TV at home and make sure that at a given time the same programs are being broadcast on the screen as those behind the dealer’s back.

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Live Casino Promotion Tools

Regardless of your traffic source, you should test different options for entry points. These can be either your home page or individual landings. Sharpened, for example, to Live Poker.

Context ads

The fastest and most understandable way to attract traffic. The “live casino” request and its other options have been growing steadily over the past 15 years. A lot of players are purposefully searching for fun with live dealers. Of course, the competition for these requests is high. On the other hand, most of them are extremely targeted.

Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter

Try to use advertising on social networks using video. Especially since in the case of Live entertainment you can use a strong attraction factor – the presence of a dealer in the frame. Who wouldn’t dream of playing cards with a pretty girl?


Despite the high competition in this niche, this channel should not be ignored. Collecting the necessary keywords (live casino, live poker, live dealer games and so on) is relatively easy. After that, optimize your site pages for these requests. After a while, you can start receiving traffic from search engines for these queries.


Brand promotion can distinguish you from your competitors. It is believed that only those who spend millions of dollars on advertising can afford to brand. At the same time, social media promotion is much cheaper, but can also bring branded traffic in the long run.


The games with live dealers are already popular, but the trend continues to grow. There’s a lot of demand for the service. Focusing on potential customers with the help of modern means of contextual advertising and SEO is relatively easy. So launching your website or application from a Live casino is a quick and relatively easy way to make a profit.

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