Security of user data in casinos and bookmakers

The issue of the security of users’ data is of concern not only to players but also to business representatives. If the casino or bookmaker’s office will not be able to provide reliable storage and transfer of data, then such an institution will quickly lose the trust of users. And after that, and all possible profits.

Let’s find out what, first of all, should be taken into account when starting an online casino or sports line in terms of security.

User identification

Many casinos require you to fill out a fairly large form with personal information when you register. These data are used to identify users, as well as for law enforcement, payment of necessary taxes and so on.

Also, the casino may require a scan of the passport, driver’s license or utility bill (which usually contains the name and address of the payer).

With these data, many casinos and betting offices also fight against dishonest players. If a user is found guilty of fraud, his data can be added to the common database of dishonest players. This database is used by other companies to cut off fraudsters at the registration stage.

If you are an ordinary player who plays for fun, there is nothing to worry about. All this data is collected solely for your safety and is stored in a secure location.

Security of personal data

Reliable storage of user personal data is ensured by a whole set of technological solutions. The same solutions are used in financial institutions (same banks).

Firstly, all data about clients and their accounts, as well as transactions made by them, are stored on a separate server. This server is equipped with all necessary security features against hacking. These programs (and equipment) are regularly updated. This is done to comply with all current cybersecurity standards.

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Secondly, all transmitted data is securely encrypted. Such operations can be as well as deposit operations, withdrawals from casinos and other conversion operations. All transactions are made through a connection protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. Only having a key, an attacker, in theory, can decrypt the data of a particular transaction. But the probability of such an event tends to zero because modern encryption methods do not allow hackers to obtain keys and accurately identify transactions for which these keys are suitable.

Security Certificates

Online casinos and gambling providers are regularly audited by independent agencies. These companies conduct audits and issue special certificates. Including those relating to security requirements.


Verisign and Thawte are considered to be the most famous companies, which practice testing security systems of virtual casinos and issuing their certificates. If you see one of these logos on a casino website or bookmaker, it means that there is nothing wrong with the reliability of data storage and transmission. By the way, you can see the Verisign logo on the website of almost any major online store.

For what reason can the player still lose money?

Reason number 1. The user has given his registration data (login and password) to third parties: friends or relatives. A friend passed the data to another friend, then someone changed the password in this chain and so on.

It is relatively easy to recover the password, as the profile data is linked to an email address and mobile phone number. Using two-factor authentication is already almost normal. But if there was money in the account and it was spent by a third party, it is usually impossible to return it.

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Reason number 2. No less common case: the player logs into his account in the Internet Club (Internet cafe) and forgets to login after the game session. Or accidentally saves your password in the browser cookies. All this allows any random person to log in to your account and spend money.

If from the loss of money in the account in such cases, it is almost impossible to protect yourself, you can cope with an unauthorized withdrawal of money from the account. To do this, it is necessary to provide editing data for the withdrawal of funds only with the use of additional passwords (codes), which are sent for confirmation to a personal email or phone player.

In this case, the intruder will not be able to add your account for withdrawal and get the money on it. But, again, to enjoy spending money from the account on the games he will not be prevented.

If a player suspects that money is disappearing from his account uncontrollably, he must perform the following actions:

  • contact the support team immediately and describe the situation;
  • change the password to log in to the account.

The availability of 24-hour support service in such cases is a critical factor. Players must understand that they can count on help and advice at any time.

Solutions for business

For entrepreneurs who have decided to start gambling business, all this does not mean that they have to invest in a complex infrastructure. Rent expensive servers, buy special software and hire highly paid specialists in cybersecurity. All storage and transmission solutions, as well as support for these solutions in today’s world, can be obtained on a turnkey basis for little money.

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Game providers and sports line providers already use secure protocols. Online casino developers initially implement all necessary systems of secure authorization and data transfer. So the business can focus on marketing and servicing the needs of players, rather than on complex technical issues.

Betronic Software company is ready to offer everyone interested in its game platform. Which, among other things, meets all necessary security requirements and has all current certificates.