Top 10 Most Popular Gambling

People began to experience the fate of gambling many centuries ago. And it looks like they’ll never stop doing it. Let’s find out which types of entertainment have become the most popular around the world.


Racing bets were first accepted back in Ancient Egypt. This is evidenced by the excavations of archaeologists. The sweepstakes were also very popular in Ancient Rome. Horse racing was held directly in amphitheaters there.

Nevertheless, the birthplace of modern sweepstakes is considered England. It is in this country, in the early 17th century began to build stables and hippodromes for running horses. The word “derby”, known to many people, comes from the English Lord Derby. He was the one who invented his own rules of horse racing.

Today, apart from the UK, the tote is very popular in Hong Kong and the Arab Emirates.


Also known as the lotto. Popular in Europe and America, especially among older people. The rules are very simple, you can play all day long, and in the company of their kind. That is why it is considered a “game for the elderly.

It is believed that bingo first appeared in Italy in 1530. But the known form of the game was formed only by 1880. At this time, it gained popularity in the United States. Mostly bingo was played at country fairs.

In recent years, bingo turnover in the United States alone is 10 billion dollars a year. There are 50,000 stationary bingo halls throughout the country. It should be noted that the population has a more loyal attitude to bingo than to other types of gambling.


Pinball analog, only instead of one ball in the machine are charged hundreds and thousands at once. The winnings depend on which prize cell the ball will get into (and whether it will get into). Pachinko is primarily a Japanese national entertainment. Outside Japan, these machines are rare. In their home country, the pachinko is not only the object of general insanity but also 4% of gross income to the national budget! However, experts note that recently the popularity of pachinko began to decline. The fault for this is the availability of other types of entertainment, including other gambling.

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One of the most popular card games in the world. It has the shortest history – it appeared about 300 years ago in France. From there, emigrants brought it to New Orleans. But the real blackjack boom began after the state of Nevada legalized gambling.

The reason for the popularity of this card game is also that the player can manage their chances of winning. Using different strategies, you can maximize the chance of winning. It also works on the Internet.


The image of roulette, the rotating wheel and the ball jumping on it is firmly associated with many chic casinos and success. Its contribution to the formation of this image has made products of Hollywood. The rules of the game are very simple, the winnings depend only on luck and chance, and everything that happens is very spectacular. These factors and contributed to the success of roulette.

For a long time, it was roulette brought the main profit casinos, but in the second half of the 20th century in the first place in popularity came slot machines. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to imagine a casino without roulette and these wheels with black and red sectors will remain a symbol of gambling for a long time.


The most popular card game in Asia. In local gambling houses, baccarat tables are available up to ⅔ for all areas. In this case, the homeland of this game in Europe. In the U.S. casino baccarat tables have appeared in the 50s of the last century. At first, this card game was considered entertainment for the rich. But in our time, anyone can afford to play it. All thanks to the fact that the size of bets has been reduced to a minimum.

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Its popularity both on the Internet and in land casinos baccarat has acquired due to the small advantage of the institution and elementary strategy. Even a beginner can understand it. In Baccara on 6 or 8 decks with the tactics of constant bets on the banker superiority of the gambling house drops to a minimum of 1.06%.

Slot machines

The most popular type of gambling, both on the Internet and in the real world. They appeared after the widespread introduction of complex mechanisms and electronics in people’s lives. They are colorful and easy to use machines that offer great jackpots. Know to pull the lever or press the button while waiting for the coins to ring. Slots are popular in the US, Australia, and Europe.

Sports betting

One of the few varieties of gambling, which almost completely moved online. Making bets is convenient for a mobile phone from a special application. Sports events every day – dozens and hundreds, if not thousands. You can bet on the outcome of the match/secession, as well as on various events during the competition. Many players believe that they know the chances of teams and athletes to win much better than bookmakers. But for the latter, it is only for the hand.

A separate direction – bets on virtual sports and fantasy sports. Here bookmakers and players are not limited to almost anything. You can bet anywhere and whenever you want.

Another dynamic direction – e-Sports. There are a huge number of different disciplines in the world, from tactical shooters to strategies. Each of them has a bunch of leagues, teams, and stars. Tournaments are held regularly and the space for analysis is huge.

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Perhaps the most legendary and popular card game. The history of poker counts almost 500 years, came up with it, apparently, in Italy. The game aims to win bets by collecting the highest possible poker combination, using 5 cards, or by forcing all your opponents to stop participating in the game. In poker, it is important not only to be able to think strategically but also to be cunning and bluffing.

A huge number of championships are held in poker and films with millions of budgets are made. You can play poker in elite clubs as well as at home with friends. In some countries, poker is even officially recognized as a sport!


The chances of winning the lottery are ridiculously low. But the winnings are so huge that many people can not even imagine such amounts. This is why billions of people regularly buy lottery tickets in the hope of getting rich in an instant. And the rare lucky ones only heat the excitement.

In almost all countries of the world, lotteries are a monopoly of the state. Even if private raffles are allowed, their prize funds are much inferior to the state. Lotteries bring a noticeable income to the budget of the country, and participants receive additional guarantees that the multi-millionth prize will be paid. With the payment of all taxes, which may exceed half the amount.

These are the most popular types of gambling. But the full list of such entertainment, of course, much more. In the following compilations, we will try to tell you about the less popular types of cards and other games.