Types of tournaments in online poker

Many major poker associations regularly hold tournaments that bring together professional players from all over the world. Such events are held in fashionable hotels, broadcast on television, and their prize fund can be in the millions of dollars.

The situation online is different. Almost every site at any time can simultaneously hold dozens and hundreds of tournaments. Their prize fund is modest – from a few dollars to several tens of thousands. These mini and micro tournaments play an important role: they satisfy the craving of a huge number of players for competition, excitement and great winnings.

Participation in a typical online poker tournament will cost each participant a few tens of dollars. And the prize fund, in this case, reaches a few thousand dollars.

All players start the tournament with an equal amount of money. It is called a buy-in. Also, the site can charge money for the entry. For example, if the buy-in is $50, the institution may charge $5 for entry. If there are 100 players, then the prize money is $5000. Most often it is distributed among several first places. The winner takes 30 to 50%, for the second and third places 20 and 10%, 4.5 and 6 can also count on small amounts.

Thus, having spent $55, with certain luck and skill, you can win up to $2500. At the same time, the time costs are small.

Many experienced players can participate in several tournaments at the same time. However, they are usually smaller prizes – in the amount of tens or hundreds of dollars.

Popular Types of Tournaments

Multi-Table Tournaments

The participants of the tournament are distributed on different tables and fight with each other. Towards the end of each table, one or more players with chips are left behind. All of them move to the final table, on which the winner is determined: the player who took all the chips. Old as the world scheme, which is also used in offline tournaments.

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A variety of multiplayer tournaments. Players play at their tables until there is one winner left at each table. After that, they are united, but not on one table, but on several tables. If a player wins at the second table, he gets a part of the prize pool and leaves with the winnings. This scheme is called a double joker.


It’s the same as sectionals. A small tournament, where the prize is not only money but also the opportunity to take part in a larger tournament. Participation, as a rule, is inexpensive. Satellite tournaments are resorted to in anticipation of the largest and most interesting tournaments. The number of people willing to take part in them is, as a rule, very high and satellite tournaments play the role of a natural limiter. With their help, the most worthy players are identified.

Free Rolls

There is no entry fee in such a tournament, and buy-in is optional. However, in such a poker competition you can win money. What’s the trick? The freerolls poker rooms are held for advertising purposes. They are used to attract new players. Who then start to take part in regular online tournaments. It is also a great option for beginners – it is convenient to learn and train on freerolls.

Sit and Go (SNG)

This is not a separate type of tournament, but rather one of the possible options. The “Sit & Play” tournament does not have a certain starting time. It starts at the moment when all the tables are filled. It can be either a multiplayer or a game at the same table.

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A poker tournament that has special periods during which players are allowed to buy chips. If in a regular tournament the loss of chips leads to the exclusion of a player, then with the option of rebuy such participants may try to buy a second chance. In addition to the time, there is usually a limit on the amount by which the chips can be bought.


If a player knocks another player off the table, he can count on additional prizes. But he can only get this bonus, in most cases, if he gets to the first place in the tournament.


Very dynamic tournaments. Bets are increasing fast, blinds are rising every few minutes. In such poker tournaments, luck starts to play a bigger role than calculus and cold mind. The advantage of such events is that the tournament can start and finish very quickly. A lot of emotions in a short time – many people like it.

Double or nothing

Equitable distribution of the prize money between half of the most successful players. For example, if there are 10 players in a tournament, it is enough to take at least 5th place to win. Players from 1st to 5th place receive an amount twice as much as the buy-in. And players from 6th to 10th place are left with nothing.

Heads Up

Variety jesters at the tournament, where each table has only two players. The loser drops out, and the winner is moved to another table, where he plays with the same winner. This happens before the final, in which there are also two players.


Each player starts with one chip. If you want to bet, you bet everything, there is no other option. Luck comes in the first place, and the tournament itself (at least at the beginning) is more like a lottery. By the end, everything that happens is more like a regular poker tournament.

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A time-limited tournament (Hellcat)

Such a tournament starts after all seats are filled (as in “Village and Play”), but ends not after the victory of one participant, but strictly after a certain time after the start. The prize places are distributed according to the number of chips gained at the end of the game. The convenience of such tournaments is that it is easier for players to allocate a certain amount of time to the game. They can be sure that the tournament will not drag on.

Guaranteed Tournament (GTD)

The prize fund of such a tournament is announced in advance. If the players’ buy-ins are insufficient to form a prize pool, the poker room adds the missing amount. This is called an overlay. It is often beneficial for players. What is the benefit of the Poker Room? It’s that in a tournament like this, you can allow rabbis. And the profit from the rebuy does not increase the prize pool but goes to the casino. Also, buy-ins are often gained in sufficient numbers and even more than necessary. All “surpluses” also go in favor of the casino. The institution takes risks, but this risk is justified and calculated.


A wide range of types of poker tournaments can satisfy the interests and desires of a wide variety of players. This approach allows online casino sites to earn themselves and offer users the opportunity to have fun and earn in different ways.