Virtual sport in bookmakers business

One of the most popular types of entertainment in iGaming is virtual sports betting. The participants put money on the results of the matches, which never happened and will not happen in reality. Computer simulation in its purest form. Why do they do it?

Reasons for the popularity of virtual sports

The phenomenon came about for a simple reason. Firstly, there are not many real sporting events of interest to bookmakers and players. Secondly, they are not always held at a convenient time. And to feel the feeling of excitement and have the opportunity to win many people want more often. In this case, you can do it at least every few minutes.

Virtual sport, despite some surrogacy, gives about the same feeling as the real sporting events. The viewer sees athletes, their attempts to become leaders, various dangerous moments, mistakes.

golden race
Virtual football Golden Race

Of course, the virtual sport does not allow for the analysis of specific teams and players. So experts and forecasters usually bypass it. On the other hand, it is very popular with ordinary people, especially from countries with low incomes and education. For example, it shows excellent results in Africa.

But there are also options for analysts. Nobody prevents the creation of entire virtual leagues from virtual teams. Make unique multiplayer events with many interactive elements (as in cyber-sports broadcasts). Technologies for this purpose have already been created, it remains to wait for a full-scale implementation. You can even imagine that virtual sport in terms of the volume of bets outweighs the real one.

From a technical point of view, all virtual sports can be divided into two types.

Computer simulation

Developers create 3D-models of the field and players and then add all the necessary animation and logic of interaction. Modern game engines like Unity allow for quite complex scenes that include not only what’s happening in the main arena, but also what’s going on outside it. It can be enthusiastic spectators, trees, buildings, transport.

The level of detail may vary depending on the effort involved. So, for example, at the races, virtual horses in a simple version will jump over the usual hard obstacles. If you complicate the model a little bit, part of the obstacles will fall to the ground from touching. We complicate also and we receive obstacles from bales of hay which realistically scatter on the ground at collisions.

dog racing
Virtual dog racing

The higher the level of detail, the more animations, and variations in the behavior of the participants, the higher the level of immersion of the spectators. They find it easier to believe that everything that happens on the screen is not much different from reality. Trust more and put on these games more willingly.

But even games with modest 2D graphics can be profitable. Although the trend towards realism is not reversed.

A video selection of real sporting events

A special program can simulate the process of a sports match, and a visual series can be mounted from clips taken from real matches of existing teams. As a result, for example, viewers see real players on the screen on the real field, wearing Arsenal and Manchester United T-shirts. Only, Arsenal and Manchester didn’t play the same match with the same score and situations on the field.

Virtual horse racing

This program operates with a base of thousands of clips. Each of them contains a record of a short event: kick at goal, pass, foul, penalty and so on. One module of the program generates logic, the second one collects video material from ready-made pieces.

Time is money!

In both the first and the second case, a sporting event, as a rule, does not last as long as its real prototype. Especially when it comes to team sports like football or hockey. The whole match is reduced to a few minutes. And every hour there are several of them.

Visitors to the site or a bet shop can at any time bet on your favorite sport. Wait a few minutes and find out the result at once. It is very convenient and there is no link to the time of the real tournaments.

The small size of the video allows you to easily stream it to mobile devices, even if the network bandwidth is low. Using only the phone, its owner for one hour can make bets and watch several football matches at once.

Content providers

There are a large number of large providers of virtual sports content on the market. For example, these are companies such as Betradar and Betgames. They offer a variety of sports, including football, basketball, big tennis, races, cricket, Formula 1. Bookmakers can flexibly manage the outcome factors with the ability to adjust the margin for each event or group of events.

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