Why do you have to run a betting business in Africa

Africa is a promising region for betting business. There are several reasons for this:

1. Popularity of gambling among the local population

That’s right, the average African doesn’t have much money. The economic situation of most countries on the continent is poor. The local population cannot earn a good salary. But that’s why they believe more in luck, destiny and various signs. The African does not see examples of how hard work leads to success. On the other hand, he sees reports of big winnings in the lottery on television. Friends and acquaintances sometimes earn on odds.

footbal match

Africans love football and everything related to it. Accordingly, any major championship or matches of European and national leagues cause increased interest.

2. Loyal legislation

The state is engaged in regulation of betting activities. But the conditions are quite loyal. It is possible that the governments argue in the following way: it is better to bet than to fight. This is an additional income for the treasury, especially when it comes to national lotteries.

3. Weak competition

There are virtually no local companies in Africa that develop gambling software. There are few businessmen who understand how modern betting works. There is no expertise in marketing, human resources and so on.

In many regions, the stakes on matches are still simple: the cashier accepts money, then everyone is waiting for the end of the match on TV. Those who guessed the result can count on winning. These businesses are usually local.

If a large company appears in these regions, which offers various bonuses, various types of bets (live, pre-match, express) and entertainment (slots, casinos, virtual sports), it easily pulls the attention of players.

How to start a business in iGaming in Africa

You need start-up capital. Money, at least, will be required to open offices in different cities, to hire employees, to launch the site and marketing. Count on the amount of $300000.

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You need a partner in the person of a local official or a large businessman who has good connections in the government or works with the national lottery as an organizer. This partner will help you avoid unnecessary business inspections. Otherwise, they will definitely want to profit from you, from officials to the local police. Even if you work officially, you pay taxes and so on.

You will also need an experienced local partner to work in the field. This person will open offices in different parts of the country and hire staff. You can then assign them to oversee the work of the bet shops.

Connect popular payment systems. This could be a national payment system. In addition, payments through cellular operators are common in many African countries. The more deposit options (and winnings) your customers have, the more often and willingly they will bet.

Why open offline betting points at all?

We are going to enter the market with a beautiful site and a fashionable mobile application. Why spend money on rent, salary and collection?

There are several reasons for this. First, many people prefer to put cash. Many African countries have underdeveloped modern payment systems. You will find a smartphone in any poor man, but he hardly uses payment cards. Therefore, to replenish the deposit on your site, such a person is likely to be through the cashier. Or through a cellular operator.

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Secondly, bet shops will be an excellent advertising tool. Choose places for bet shops on the most passable streets. Start with the largest cities. You do not need large rental space. Enough 10 square meters. They will accommodate a table with a computer and a chair for the cashier. On the wall hang a monitor or TV and a few posters.

Finally, thirdly, it is important for people to be able to solve problems with a living person. These are not necessarily conflict situations (although without them). A person may be asked to explain how to use the application correctly, how to withdraw money from the site and so on. Many people find it easier to get to the office than to spend money on calls to technical support.

Business promotion

Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing channels of our time. No matter where: New York, Rome, Tambov or an unknown African town. Everywhere there are stars, popular athletes, bloggers, liners, storytellers, photographers, stylish beauties and other popular personalities.

Important difference: advertising rates for African popular bloggers are very modest. Thanks to this, you can easily buy everyone. And it will be long-term contracts. And you will immediately get access to a huge audience.

Of course, one Instagram should not be limited to. Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, local social networks – all this also needs to be analyzed.

Why do you have to run a betting business in Africa
Instagram promo examples

All these people should regularly PR your betting business. Take care of all marketing materials. For example, a blogger can post a beautiful picture every week with a list of top matches for the coming days. He himself will not draw it (or make it bad). But it is easy to draw your designer.

Print T-shirts, caps, mugs, posters with your logo – the stars will pose with them in the storis and broadcasts. At the same time, let them talk about how cool it is to go up at sports stakes. It works.

It is also necessary to develop and promote your social networks. You can talk about promotions and bonuses there. The “success stories” are great: stories about the big winnings of customers. You can and should make small shows out of this. It’s one thing when a person wins money. The other thing is that when a person, even if for a short period of time, becomes known, he or she gets popularity. Often it attracts almost more than the opportunity to get a good win.

What do you end up with?

We hope that we have shown you all the prospects of opening a bookmaker’s business in Africa. There are all the ingredients for a successful launch. Of course, nobody says it’s easy. You have a lot of work to do and face a lot of peculiarities of local culture, laws, psychology of behavior. But it is in Africa that the easiest way to get started is to quickly recoup your initial investment. Take a risk!

Betronic Software, in turn, will provide all the technical side of your business. We offer an advanced gaming platform, help to launch the site and mobile application, integrate slot machines, casinos and virtual sports. You will only have to do promotion and operating activities.