Why make a casino in Telegram

One of the trends of the modern gaming business is to use the features of popular messengers. First of all, Telegram. This platform allows you to create and use various scripts and bots. On their basis are developed directories, online consultants, catalogs of various files, text games and, of course, casinos.

Advantages of using messengers as a gaming platform


One of the main advantages of Telegram is that it is already used by a huge number of people. The application is already installed on their smartphones and they understand how to use it. While the casino application needs to be downloaded, installed, registered in it and find out how it works. The threshold of entry is noticeably higher.

According to Wikipedia, as of the end of March 2018, the audience of Telegram is more than 200 million people.


Telegram works on computers running Windows, Linux and Mac OS, tablets, mobile phones. There is also a web version that runs in the browser. There is no need to adapt your gaming platform to different devices. The chatbot will work everywhere in the same way.


The second advantage is the reliability of the platform. The telegram uses its encryption, does not transfer the encryption keys to the authorities and does not allow confidential information to leak. Users understand that their data is securely protected and trust the platform. And also to all appendices which work in a messenger.

The site can be banned by the regulator, the application from the Google desktop or Epple can remove the moderator. The attitude of the administration of Telegram to bots with casinos is neutral. The main thing is not to abuse spam.

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Marketing opportunities

Telegram users usually subscribe to interesting channels and chat rooms. They can advertise casino chatbots. To start the game a person needs only one click. Of course, the conversion will be much higher if advertised in groups with the appropriate audience. For example, on channels with sports betting forecasts.

Also, if the owner of a smartphone at least once launched such a casino, this bot will always hang in the list of active chats. And each time you open the messenger, the user will see this bot on the list. There is a high probability that he will play again.

Also, the link to the bot is easy to share with friends in personal and group chats.

Low requirements for the quality of communication

The telegram is good because it works even on low-bandwidth EDGE networks. The bot usually does not need to load complex graphics and videos. All interaction with telegrams-casino occurs with the help of text and simple buttons.

How about the pros?

Let’s consider only the most obvious.

No cool graphics and sound

The downside of simplicity and low bandwidth requirements. Many players are accustomed to the colorful and complex interfaces of game slots. They love it when everything blinks and sparkles, with sound effects. Such people Spartan-looking Telegram-Casino can scare away.

As graphic elements are often used smileys. A large selection of different icons in the smileys can dilute the simplicity of the interface. For example, to emulate chatbot slots can use pre-made emoticons with images of different fruits.

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Less convenient navigation

Interaction with the casino is performed either using text commands or by pressing the buttons that appear directly in the bot’s messages. Each bot’s response to user actions is one or more new messages. It is not always convenient to perceive information in this form.

How does Telegram-casino work?

Chat-bot is just an additional layer between the player and the licensed platform. The bot sends commands to the server, receives the results and displays them in the chat room. Only this approach ensures that the casino does not deceive players.

When creating a chatbot, you should also come up with and implement a mechanism for depositing and withdrawing money. Think about the work of referral and bonus systems. And also adapt existing games to make them convenient to use with the help of a simple messenger interface.


Telegram-casino has excellent development prospects: so far it is the most confidential and affordable way to play gambling. It is perfect for use in countries where any gambling activity is blocked. And also where the quality and availability of communication leave much to be desired.