Why online casinos need a CRM system

One of the main trends of modern marketing is the personalization of advertising offers based on user behavior. It’s all about efficiency. If you target your promotions to “everyone”, you are likely to target them to “anyone”.

Segment the audience marketers have learned a long time ago. Gender, age, profession, place of residence, income level. As a result, a 50-year-old white lawyer from Chicago will receive by mail an advertisement prospectus of the new Cadillac. A 16-year-old from Moscow will see a banner on the Internet advertising a concert of fashion rapper.

Behavioral factors are added to the segmentation based on the initial data. Certain groups of people tend to act similarly and react to certain signals.

In the case of casinos, it is game habits that come to the fore. Here is just an approximate set of parameters that can track the casino for each player:

  • frequency of visits to online casinos;
  • the size of deposits;
  • activity on different days (weekdays, weekends, holidays);
  • Average bet, winnings, and losses;
  • how fast he tries to withdraw the winnings;
  • Reaction to promotional offers;
  • preferred games;
  • the number of spins on the machines per session.

And so on. Technical means allow you to collect not dozens, but hundreds of parameters for each player. Then these parameters are processed by algorithms and based on the received data it is possible to make some decisions.

And what does the CRM-system have to do with it?

CRM-system collects data about the players and provides the organizers with the most complete information about the behavior of the audience. With the help of this data, you can measure the degree of satisfaction of players, plan various marketing activities, time to record the decline in interest in certain slots. If the CRM-system allows you to divide players into groups, then for each of these groups you can offer individual bonuses and rewards.

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Personalized offers improve user experience. This directly affects the loyalty of players. As a result, they have more reasons to stay on this site/application. They are also more likely to recommend your platform to friends.

Also, CRM-systems:

  • store customer contacts;
  • keep track of new players;
  • Identify players with high potential;
  • increase the productivity of the sales team.

Accumulating information about the segments of players and personal preferences of each user, CRM-system allows you to build forecasts. Thanks to this, the system can not only record the decline in interest of a particular player but also accurately predict when exactly he will stop returning to the site. Or, on the contrary, to predict when the activity of the player will reach the maximum level and he will be ready to make large bets.

CRM-system allows you to see the overall picture, time to identify weaknesses and growth points, predict income (and expenses). Do you want to maximize profits from each involved user? In this case, you cannot do without CRM.

Betronic Software company offers its customers a convenient and effective CRM-system. It organically complements the company’s gaming platform, allowing you to effectively manage your own gaming business.