Why should bookmakers go online?

In many countries, bookmakers’ companies operate successfully without the Internet. The network of 10-100 bet shops, distributed by region or country, can generate a decent profit. They often have a permanent audience. The advantages of this format also include the ability to work with cash. Somewhere it allows hiding a part of the turnover from taxes. And somewhere modern payment systems and cash are not widespread – the only way to make an odd.

Owners often want to expand their business. But it is not easy to control a large number of points. Opening new offices entail additional costs, such as renting, hiring staff and ensuring security.

In practice, this business can easily grow by at least 2x without opening new bet shops. To do this, just add the Internet.

Offline and online business combination

Owners of traditional bookmakers’ offices are often pessimistic about the online environment. They see problems in the following circumstances:

  • A typical client is not an active Internet user;
  • The country has underdeveloped payment systems;
  • There is no expertise in Internet marketing and no technical knowledge to work on the Web;
  • Additional costs for online business support.

Let’s look at these points in more detail and find out if everything is so complicated.

Customers do not use the Internet

Why should bookmakers go online?
Growth of smartphone users worldwide, billions

Over the past 10 years, the level of smartphone penetration worldwide has increased many times and reached almost 100%. Whether you’re in Nigeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia or Tajikistan, most of your current and potential visitors are likely to use smartphones. They communicate on social networks, order a taxi through apps, play Candy Crush or Angry Birds. It’s strange to think that they won’t be able to install and register another application.

The country does not have card payments

It’s a plus for your business. This means that your potential customers’ money will not go to major international betting networks yet.

What about replenishment of deposits in the application and on the site? Everything is simple. You can replenish the players’ deposits in your offline points, taking cash. And clients will be able to place bets from smartphones 24/7

I don’t know how to promote the site/application

You don’t have to. Your task is to give a new tool for bets to existing players, not to conquer the entire Internet. Therefore, it is enough a little bit of printed advertising in your existing points of betting. Cashiers can also talk about the new option. As a result, you will spend very little on promotion (among your audience).

All the technical work to support the platform takes over the service provider. The entrepreneur pays the same percentage of the profit to the provider as for the work in the bet shop. You do not have to look for and hire technicians.

Additional costs

These costs will in most cases be lower than the opening of even one additional bet shop. You will see the results of the site launch very quickly.

Let’s now talk about the pros.

Advantages of using the site or the application

You accept bets at any time

Offline dot works according to a certain schedule. If the cashier works alone, he has to take breaks. If the client can not make a bet when the bookmaker’s office does not work, then you lose potential profits.

Now imagine another option. The client replenishes the deposit through the cashier during working hours. And makes bets online when it is convenient for him.

You accept any number of odds

A fast cashier can serve up to 300 clients per working day. The problem is that this load is uneven. Sports events, especially the big ones, do not happen every day. As a result, the cashier sits idle for a long time. And during peak hours, the cashier cannot cope with the flow of people willing to bet.

Why should bookmakers go online?

What happens if not everyone who wants to bet before the match? That’s right, you will lose profit. And clients will lose the mood and desire to come back.

Increase the number of cashiers? And pay everyone a salary? Too expensive. And there is no guarantee that even a few cashiers will have time to accept all bets an hour before the Champions League.

The website can easily accept 20 thousand odds a day. And 50 thousand. И 100. No team of cashiers can handle such a volume.

If at least a part of the clients funded their accounts in advance, they can easily make a bet through the application or on the website of your bookmaker’s office at the right time. They do not need to go at a certain time to your point and stand in line.

You provide privacy and security

Some clients don’t want to show money in front of others. They don’t want other people to see what they’re betting on and how much they’re betting. Also, not everyone wants to show a big win. Often these are the wealthiest and most regular players.

Online for them is much more comfortable. They will come to your office only to make a deposit or take away the winnings. At a convenient time. The more comfortable it is for a player to bet, the easier it is for him to spend money.

Players spend more money

What happens if the bet wins? The person will take the cash from the cashier and go to another place to spend it. Maybe he would like to spend a part of the winnings “for good luck” by making another odd. But the next sporting event may take place tomorrow or in a few days.

What happens if the odd win in the application? The player will relax and spend some of the winnings in slot machines or casinos. These entertainments are built into the application of the gaming platform BSW.

As a result, the player spends more, and you save (earn) more money.

Reduces the influence of the cashier

The cashier influences the success of your business. For example, some visitors may not like it and they will not want to make odd through it, will wait for the next shift (or go to the competitors).

A cashier can be a great person, a nice person to talk to. But the moods of the players are fickle, they are often superstitious. If a visitor has bet through one cashier several times and lost, he or she may decide that this bookmaker “brings bad luck”. All the cashiers will not be attacked.

Finally, the cashier can himself succumb to the excitement or someone else’s influence and make their own odd. To do this, he will take the money from the cash register (hoping to return it after winning). In the bookmakers’ language, it is called “to drive the air”.

The online bookmaker will not pour your money and it will be difficult for him to attribute any superstitious properties. More trust from the players and no need for control from the owner of the business.

The audience grows

You’re starting with an existing audience. But then these people will become walking advertisements. They will tell relatives, friends, and acquaintances about how easy and easy it is to make odd on the site. New customers may not want to go to your place. But download your application thanks to the recommendation. Then replenish the deposit in any convenient way and start to play and bet.

On the site and in the application you can deposit the cards of national payment systems. Thanks to this, you can easily cover 100% of the potential audience of the country or region.

What happens if you ignore the Internet?

Everything is simple – large international companies will come and entice the whole solvent audience. They will be pressured by marketing. They will offer players a lot of different bonuses. Promise big winnings. The technology they have already worked out.

The outflow of online betting points is already in full swing. Somewhere a little slower, somewhere a little faster. If you do not react now, then it may be too late.

Start diversifying now. Open an online direction and quickly pump it at the expense of the core business. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to your business.

Let’s sum up the results

Let’s list once again the advantages of opening a bookmaker’s office online. Taking into account the specifics of business “on the ground”:

  • operating activities are carried out online;
  • Reducing the cost of renting premises;
  • Reduced costs of cashier salaries;
  • There are no overloads during “rush hours”;
  • The possibility of abuse by employees is reduced;
  • trust from players is growing;
  • Players spend more money.

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