Street betting

Mobile solution for taking bets in stadiums and other gathering places for sports fans

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Street betting

Have decided to do bookmaking, but do not have enough money to rent a room for this? Or the place is already found, but so far there is no possibility to purchase and install cash desks and terminals? Your wand-receiver will be a portable device for receiving rates from Betting Software, through which you can interact with customers anywhere: in the stadium, in the sports bar – in short, at all events where there is a large accumulation of gamblers willing to risk a big or a small sum of money.

How does Street Betting work?

The portable terminal is a portable device on Android. To get started, you need to enter the application, select the sport that interests the player, the team that he wants to bet on, determine the odds, specify the amount … The bet is made – the device issues a check, because it has a built-in printer. There is an opportunity to make several bets at once for different events.

Portable terminal rates, the main advantages:

  1. You do not need to spend an impressive amount of money on renting a room for a bookmaker. It is enough to buy a candybar and go to the nearest sports match, where fans gather.
  2. If you are the owner of a sports bar and decided to expand the scope of your activities by taking up bets, then at first you will be able to do without buying expensive equipment for the bookmaker office – terminals and cashiers – and without involving additional personnel, which also requires financial costs .The portable device has an accessible interface and management, the program offers simple understandable betting conditions, their variability, and a variety of sporting events.
  3. Thanks to the built-in printer, wherever you are, you can always give out a cash receipt to the customer. The check has a QR-code, which you can recognize at any time with the device using the QR-code scanner.
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The mobile device for receiving bets from Betting Software will become an indispensable assistant in your business. Small sizes allow you to take it anywhere with you and use it effectively anywhere. The error is!