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Betting platform is recipe for success

The gaming system or gaming platform is specially designed software that can be installed on any site, computer, gaming terminal or mobile device. BSW develops gaming platform that allow you to create profitable gambling establishments on the Internet with minimal investment.


Requirements for gaming platforms

  1. Customisable design. Tastes of players change, functionality of the site may change. At same time, appearance of the site is changing.
  2. CRM. Full control over users' actions: their bets, transfers. Marketing management. Risk management. Sending notifications, setting up cacheback and affiliate program.
  3. Multiplatform. User should be able to place a bet on a computer, tablet or phone.
  4. Uptime 24/7. Inaccessibility of the site is not only lost money, but also disappointed users. Which may simply not return.
  5. Security. Threat doesn't necessarily come from hackers. Players often look for loopholes that will allow them to get more bonuses fraudulently.
  6. Full compliance with the requirements of licensees. You will not be able to obtain licenses and permissions if the platform does not meet these requirements.
  7. Multilanguage. It allows both reaching a large audience within one country and attracting users from all over the world.
  8. Loyalty programs. A strong marketing tool to keep users on your site for a long time.
  9. Integrated payment systems. The easier it is for a player to make a deposit, the sooner he will start playing with you.
  10. Regular updates. Improvement of design, functionality, introduction of trend chips, connection of new games and sports lines.

Betting Software develops and connects all kinds of gaming platforms to sites of any configuration and subject matter. Buying a licensed software, bookmaker business on the Internet can be opened in a few days, and almost immediately make a profit. Gaming platforms are a full-fledged solution for opening bookmaker's office or an online casino with the ability to manage gambling on several products and channels. Quality software allows you to receive steadily growing profits and attracting more and more new users. It remains only to choose a set of functions, design and a set of games.

The price is negotiable

Changes depending on business challenges, additional options, design. Check the price with the manager.

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Gaming platform BSW

Bets Easy integration of the betting system
Sports line Rapid analysis of sports lines
Matches Conducting virtual sports tournaments
Poker Integration of popular versions of poker, casino and slots
Tech support High quality software and prompt technical support

Why work with us

Betronic SoftwareOther companies
PriceOur solutions are more accessible than most market offers. Price is formed flexibly based on functionality. We take a lower percentage of deductions from profits. Technical support is also inexpensive.Compare prices that our managers will give you and compare them with your competitors' offers.
Custom developmentWe take into account all the needs of the customer. We solve specific business problems taking into account the specifics of the local market in different countries. We embed the platform in any websites and any design.Typical fixed cost solutions are most often offered. The design is selected from a limited set of ready-made templates.
Tech support 24/7Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and responds promptly. During working hours you can always talk to your personal manager.Maybe they're good, too. But our customers often say that one of the main reasons they chose us is because of the technical support.
HostingIf necessary, we provide hosting for your sites. We take care of all issues related to ensuring the functionality of the sites.Usually, the client decides on their own hosting issues.
Financial operationsWe know that not all payment systems work equally well in different countries. And we can solve any issues related to both replenishment of deposits from players and withdrawal of funds from the system. Legally and quickly.Often companies offer a limited set of payment systems. Again, you can always compare.

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Ready-made gaming platforms - a complete solution for opening a bookmaker's office or online casino with the ability to manage the gaming business on several products and channels. Quality software allows you to get a steadily growing profit continuously to attract more and more users. The only thing left to do is to choose a set of features, design and set of games.

BSW is a platform with an integrated sports line of coefficients, casinos with live dealers, virtual sports tournaments.