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Slots are the leader in the number of bets in the gambling business. They have simple algorithms of operation. This makes their work simple and attractive. This is a clear difference from board games or other games that are based on complex rules. They can easily learn to play even a child.

For sure, many people remember the slot machines standing almost in every shopping center or supermarket decades ago. The principle of their work was as simple as possible - throw a coin and hope for good luck. In order to feel the excitement, tickle your nerves and try your luck, many people today need exactly this - simple rules of the game, where you don’t need to think and calculate something. That is why the creation of online casinos requires the connection of slots, so reminiscent of the "one-armed gangsters" of our past.

What are the advantages of gaming machines?

  • Many slots have a demo mode, through which your customers will be able to test the quality and capabilities of the game (graphics, music, probability of winning);
  • The ability to instantly double the winnings due to the availability of a programmed 'risk game';
  • Various subjects of games - travel, adventures, plot of popular films and fairy tales;
  • Honest rules - slots work on the basis of a random number generator, protected by a special algorithm;
  • Slots are always in demand, regardless of seasons and sports tournaments;
  • For the audience, 24-hour slots are attractive - bets can be made 24/7.

Players only need to register and deposit their virtual account. Then it remains to choose the most liked game - for this there are both detailed text descriptions and demo versions. Then select the bet, the number of lines (strips) - and you can spin the drum. The range of bets by each slot is different.

Betronic Software offers online slots with margin settings. The margin of a slot is the percentage of money that will be returned to the player over a certain period of time. It depends on the RTP (return to play) indicator. There are rules regulated by law, according to which RTP should be at least 90%. Also you can offer your visitors bonus games, free spins, games with a growing amount of jackpot - in a word, interest and attract a lot of customers!

In each slot, a risk game is programmed, which, when correctly selected, allows you to instantly double your winnings. Simple rules make them very attractive for players who want to spend their leisure time without thinking too much.

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