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We provide data on sporting events for all sports.

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Fast odds integration

Integration of iframe with the sports line is the easiest way to start taking bets on your website. It's enough to place a few lines of code on your site and you'll get at your disposal the full functionality of the betting site. You can connect the functionality within 1 day!

Sportsbook Iframe from Betronic is:

Do you have your website and want to bet on sports? Iframe integration will help you.
  • All sports
  • All kinds of bets
  • Quick data updat
  • Affordable price
  • Risk management
  • fast calculation of rates in one package with the data feed
Demo version

Take a look at a working example of our Sportsbooks Iframe. Just follow this link.

Ask for demo

We connect the sports line via iframe for new clients for free for a limited time! To test our solutions and make sure that they work as declared. Sign the contract only after you make sure that everything works well!

Sportsbook Iframe price

The price can be requested from our managers. Just contact our specialists via chat or feedback form.

How do I use the sports line?

Betronic provides a sports line with all odds per match in real-time. We provide data for both regular sports and cybersports matches. The information on matches is provided in the modes of live and pre-match. We also provide the results of all matches.

What should I do if I don't have my bookmaker website?

Betronic offers its clients a platform to create a betting website. Please contact our managers for more details. You will get a turnkey site with the sports line.

Pros of our Sportbook Iframe

Ставки Installation on the site in a few hours
Спортивная линия Instant update. The sportsbook is updated in 1-2 seconds
Турниры Over 200 sports and eSports
Покер Information on more than 100,000 sports matches per month
Техподдержка Automatic calculation of bets

Create strategies for betting

You can analyze the data of our sports line and select interesting matches according to the features you need. Receive notifications about changes in odds. You can also analyze the archive data. And create your betting strategies for sports events!

Get access to our demo version now!

Request access from our managers. Just contact our specialists via chat or feedback form.