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Affiliate program

Despite the development of gambling on the Internet, many still prefer offline bookmakers. Someone thinks that this is safer: after all, in a virtual world there may be failures or sudden blockages, anddirectly at the betshops there is communication with living people, where, in which case, it is possible to settle the conflict right on the spot.

To justify the trust of players, any betshops needs to install reliable, correctly working software. First of all, this concerns cash programs: after all, they are responsible for the correct calculation of the accepted bets and winnings.Cashiers in betshops carry out the registration of players, produce and register gaming tickets, pay cash winnings. All this requires close attention and great responsibility. To simplify the work of staff and minimize the risks of making mistakes in its process, a special cash program is installed on the employees’ computers. With its help, you can take LIVE bets, as well as prematch for sports and eSports.

This requires:

Betting Software offers installation of cash programs for bookmakers, which will enable you to effectively engage in business. No additional settings are required, everything is extremely simple. The main features of the cash program are:

Also, with the help of the cash program you can always view the statistics and the database of players, conduct cash accounting. Betronic Software guarantees the uninterrupted operation of all installed programs, advice and technical support on any issue that has arisen.

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