How to choose a domain for online casinos

The choice of a name for a casino in modern realities is a nontrivial task. On the one hand, I would like this name to be immediately associated with the visitors’ excitement, risk, and winnings. On the other hand, it is necessary that this name was not occupied on the Internet.

Requirements for the domain for online casinos


Well, if the domain name is immediately associated with gambling. And reflect the specific activity: bets, slots, casinos, and so on.

The shorter the domain, the easier it is to memorize it and dial later on in the memory. Or type in the Google search form. The shorter the name, the harder it will be to make a mistake in writing.

Pronunciation and readability
English words related to gambling will be understandable to a person anywhere in the world. But if you’re working in a particular country, you can pick up words in the local language.

Why is it so difficult to find a domain?

Any word or phrase on the Internet has its value. Gambling traffic is one of the most expensive. To receive and convert this traffic, webmasters from all over the world every month create thousands of sites. Each of these sites requires a domain name. And it is good that this domain name includes 1-2 keywords related to the topic of gambling.

Why it is done:

  • Due to the entry of the keyword in the URL increases the likelihood of obtaining search traffic;
  • URL helps the visitor to identify the subject matter of the site even before he goes to the link. This favorably affects CTR ads in the context and teaser networks.
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Since the appearance of gambling on the Internet webmasters have managed to create hundreds of thousands of sites on this topic. For each of these sites required a domain. Also, tens and hundreds of thousands of domains with good names captured the so-called cyber squatters.

Cybersquatter register and intercepts the freed domains for resale.

So it turns out that the most appropriate combination of popular words and numbers have long been busy. Today, it is almost impossible to register a domain casino7777, bestsportbets or slotsonline in any of the existing domain zones. Even if you will change the words in places, add a hyphen or some numbers.

The importance of domain history

However, sometimes it is possible to find an unused, short and well-sounding domain on the theme of gambling. It is premature to rejoice at this discovery is not necessary. Before you should study the history of this domain. It is quite possible that for your purposes it is not suitable.

What may be the problem? First, the domain can be pessimized by search engines. Often webmasters and SEO-specialists use so-called “black” methods of promotion (black hat SEO). Include getting links from hacked resources, automated spam links using specialized software and much more.

One of the most common reasons for the ban in recent years is that search engines have been detecting closed nets of sites (PBNs). This is an effective promotion method, but it violates Google rules. And if a grid is detected, all sites – both those that are part of the grid and those that have been promoted by it – are pessimized.

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This means that even if this domain is registered by another person, creates a completely new project on it, this site will not receive search traffic.

Lead to the pessimization of the domain can and actions of the developers of the site. If they will try to influence the search engines with content (page generation, hiding part of the text and so on).

Also, online casino and bookmaker sites may be blocked in contextual advertising systems. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and other popular advertising systems have very strict rules regarding gambling. It’s easy to break them, so sites get bananas in packs.

Some countries block gambling sites at the level of national regulators.

So if you have found a good, as you think, domain, it is worth checking its history for similar problems.

How to simplify the selection of the domain name?

First, you can use free domain name generation services based on specified keywords.

Secondly, you can order the selection of the domain name on special exchanges (for example, PickyDomains). This service will cost about $50.

How to choose a domain for online casinos
Expired Domains example list

Third, you can buy a domain with a history at auctions. These auctions are conducted by large domain name registrars. The cost of the domain can vary widely and reach tens of thousands of dollars.

For its customers, the company Betronic Software carries out the selection of domain names: simple, beautiful, without a negative history. If you order online casinos with us, you should not worry about the selection of the domain. It is enough to voice your wishes and all the rest of the work will be done by our specialists.

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