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All of us still remember the rallies of Sportloto since Soviet times, followed by a lot of TV viewers with bated breath. People have always been attracted to the possibility of easy payoff: it is enough to bet on a certain combination of numbers – and now you are a millionaire. That is why the lottery line in the bookmaker business enjoys a high demand and interest of the players..

Varieties of lotteries

  • One of the oldest and best known can be called a keno lottery, where it is necessary to note up to 20 numbers and try to guess as many as possible of those dropped out. There is a very high chance of winning even a small amount, so the demand for keno is very high.
  • Bingo – electronic cards with numbers are filled here.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is a great way to try your luck. The number of scrolls is paid, the drum is started – and it remains only to wait, whether fate will be favorable today.
  • There are other types of lotteries, no less fascinating and simple, where everyone can make a bet and immediately learn the result of the game.

What are the lottery rates?

  • On the first and last dropped ball: even or odd, more or less than any number.
  • Total: the sum of the numbers on all the balls that are in this draw, the number of even or odd balls is counted.
  • For multiplicity: whether the total sum of all balls is divided into any number.
  • The smallest or largest numerical value of each of the dropped balls.
  • Also, at your request, you can add any other rates – all this is offered to you by Betronic Software.
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We develop and install software for holding lotteries in offline format in your bookmaker office. This kind of tote will always attract people by its simplicity and availability, and you – to make a profit. Also, we can connect payment systems for the gambling industry, which is necessary for every bookmaker, and help with the development of your institution.